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How to Transition Between Open Chords and Bar Chords (4K)

In this lesson you will quickly learn some helpful tips and exercises to help with your chord transitioning between open chords and bar chords. For more free resources and lessons check out today.

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46 thoughts on “How to Transition Between Open Chords and Bar Chords (4K)

  1. My problem is the strings seem to mute when i am going from open chord to barre chord , usually lightly upstrum when i change chords, how do I prevent this mute when I change open to barre chord?

  2. Great vid. Focusing on where your fingers have to go really helps. Just practiced changing from a G open chord to f bar chord for 7 hours straight and im finally starting to get it. Can smoothly transition playing at about 50 bpm. One thing that helped me learn was instead of putting the bar down first, which I was doing, I put all my other fingers down and then the bar. Just something you can try and see if it works for you.

  3. Not even practicing at the moment, but just watching this first video, I know you're an excellent teacher, at least for me, and definitely cleared my mind on how to begin practicing transitions. Even watching other videos, telling to practice the chords all the time and while multitasking, they didn't quite help the same way. I just felt so overwhelmed before and couldn't contemplate swapping to the Barre so quickly, regardless of seeing other people do it themselves. Thanks tons for the work you obviously put in! Keep it up! Instant sub and bell.

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  5. this really helped and I practice transitioning from Open Chord to Bar chord, slowly and doing one or two fingers at a time. It really helps. I kept rushing to do the change and the strings were muted or wrong string and the sound was as you might imagine; TERRIBLE. I slowed down practiced the technique from the lesson and it is crisp and clear. speed does come later after muscle memory takes over. Just keeping it Simple has really helped. Good job Dude!! haha I saw this video month ago so I had time to practice on it.

  6. I really love it when a person can teach well. Its a virtue. And you sir are a good teacher. Thank you for breaking down the technique and making it easy for a newbie with no master, like me. Thank you sensei….

  7. i couldn't even watch the full video cuz it was already filled with ao much bullshit talks , its like finding a needle in a haystack

  8. 7 minutes in and you still never explained the transition. Please show the work. Stop talking around it. Makes it impossible to watch the video.

  9. thankyu sir! helped really! i can play both barre chords and open chords but i couldn't transition between them. after watching this, i actually nailed it. I subscribed!!!!!!!

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