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How to Trade Inside Bars | Inside Bar Breakout Strategy | Day Trading ✅

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Inside bar breakout strategy. What is the inside bar? In this video we’ll first define what an inside bar is and then cover a couple of strategies and methods for taking advantage of this candlestick pattern. An inside bar is a kind of area of congestion and/or consolidation of a breather if you like. Yesterday was a reasonable range, today there’s no real supply/demand imbalance to break the prior day’s range. It is a kind of no man’s land where everyone is watching and waiting and its a pause. In certain situations this is of limited use but in others that little pause could be a precursor for potentially an explosive move for a continuation of the trend or a reversal.

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12 thoughts on “How to Trade Inside Bars | Inside Bar Breakout Strategy | Day Trading ✅

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  2. It’s called mother candle because candlestick pattern itself looks like a pregnant woman. Small candle is a baby.

  3. This video was quite helpful, and I will be working these considerations into my swing trading. But as a video quality point, that small blue writing was almost impossible to read on a small device (phone) – although it was ledgible enough after switching to a large TV. Larger, briefer notes might be a bit better for a video presentation. Otherwise, great stuff!

  4. Every one of these videos makes me a better trader… Thank you so much for the continued dedication to your craft! I never understood inside bar candles or knew that it came down to the position in the range (or trend) like this. My only concern with trading them is that waiting for the break like this would make it hard to buy it under the Bid, but maybe some marketable orders are ok if I am already being patient in the form of waiting for the setup’s confirmation.

  5. I use a similar strategy for scalping on the 5 minute chart trading the E-Mini S&P 500. Remember all charts act and react the same so you can use a strategy on the 5 min, 15 min, 1hr , 4hr, or daily chart. Looking for a place to get in on a strong move? For example, in a strong bull move look for a bull bar with a good size tail on the top, the next bar you want to be a bull bar with a large tail on the bottom and you want it to be totally or mostly an inside bar. The more inside the bar it is and the closer it is to a flat top bull the better. For a strong bear move, look for a bear bar with a large tail on the bottom, the next bar you want to be a bear bar with a large tail on top and you want it to be totally or mostly an inside bar. Again the more inside the bar is and the closer it is to a flat bottom the better. The only caveat is this doesn't work well if just below a resistance level in a bull or just above a support level in a bear. Take a look at charts and see how good this works for scalps.

  6. interesting, i have never user canlestick pattern recognition, never englulfing candle, , never harmonic pattern , never ascending triangle , never use candle stick patterns but this one is interesting to dig out

  7. Though if your referring to candles as illustrated. You should really name them appropriately. I, e harami whether bullish or bearish doji or pigeon.. As bars more to do with U. S bar system.. Personally I hate the misconceptions as ppl learning charts need to know the difference!

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