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How to put together the P90X Chin Up Bar

– In this video I demonstrate how to put together the P90X Chin Up Bar (The best doorway chin up bar on the market). I show how to use the proper tools and show that the screws, or bolts are not to long. Many people think that they received the wrong bolts. See my other videos on the P90X Pull up bar to get your other questions answered.


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23 thoughts on “How to put together the P90X Chin Up Bar

  1. I'm seeming to have the opposite problem with the screws. My screws seem too short. The screws connecting the L-bars and the bar that eventually goes over the doorway seem to be too short. I can't even get the nut on the end of the screws when they go through all of the holes.

  2. @greenskiis only one side of molding is necessary. nail or screw the molding to the back-top side and then the top of the p90x chin up bar will just relax on top of that piece of wood. you do not need to screw the bar itself into the wall. check out my other videos for more demonstrations using this chin up bar.

  3. @energy2bless My biggest question is, are the two sides of the door moulding necessary to support one's weight, since they help provide stability? I'm not very big at 5'9" 177, but since I haven't seen anyone else do it that way I just want to be safe. I'm thinking I can nail the small piece of moulding above the doorway like you said. Also, how would I not need to drill holes to install the bar itself? Thanks for you time!

  4. @greenskiis Yes, that is a great idea. It will be ideal if the total with is between 4 and 7.5 inches. You will not need to drill holes.

  5. Is it possible to just put a beam over the door way and put the bolts/anchors above if there's no actual wooden frame? My only other "options" in my current apt. are the bathroom door and the front door, and neither are ideal for obvious reasons. Also, is it possible to put in without drilling holes?

  6. @movemtfuji I don't ever use the brackets that screw into the wall. If you watch each one of my videos, you will notice that I just put the bar up and take it down. I have never drilled anything into the wall.

  7. @energy2bless
    I've seen your other videos using the P90X Chin Up Bar for push ups and other exercises. But can you do pull ups/chin ups without ever drilling the P90X Chin Up Bar? If you have a video for that, I would appreciate it if you can share it with me. Thanks.

  8. ok since you said i dont need to use the j hooks or (brackets).. well it work on my 1/4 of an inch thick door frame or (molding) ?

  9. I have never had any issues with the long screws. I though I would, but i totally forgot about them. If you just can't stand them, wrap em with electrical tape or something. Or you could get those little rubber tips that fit over the ends.

  10. okay… step away from the pieces and tools for a sec…. take a deep breathe and get your head straight. Go slow and make sure all of your pieces fit together perfectly. If they do not, mix and match, use the other "L" bar and try it with the "U".
    I know this thing can be frustrating but when you finally complete the assembly, you will be good to go get "ripped".
    Now get back in there and be nice cause you'll be swinging from her for years to come.

  11. I have used this bar for over a year without ever drilling anything into the wall. Check out my other videos for more instruction with the P90X Chin Up Bar. Of course, if your doors are similar to mine in my videos, you will be fine without the J-hooks… Use cautiously however.

  12. wtf, you make it look so easy, the holes can barely fit the screws when you put the L, and the u shapes with the bar, I tried to force teh screw through and now it is stuck

    I didnt think the assembly would be this difficult

  13. there are 2 different screws that are slightly longer says so in the manual also and they should be used in the two holes in the L bar

  14. contd…
    A big part of the Iron Gym's wide grip handles touches my door frame, so I can only do narrow grip as I can't wrap my hands around the wide grip due to the door frame. That's when I saw the P90x bar – it has protruded wide grip handles! great!

    But I guess no design is perfect. The projecting screws are annoying and dangerous around other pieces that you don't want to get a surface scratch.

  15. contd…
    Beachbody confirmed that there should be only 1 set for the assembly (10 screws, and not 2 sets as in the manual). They also confirmed that the screws are 2" wide.

    I asked them if I can shear the ends of screws with a saw machine – they are like naaah…you will be fine.

    Your last bit of info in this video about the long screws reaffirms my suspicions about the extra length – the only drawback in this machine.

    I first bought Iron Gym – great, but I couldn't do wide grips

  16. Thanks for your instructional video. I had the hardest time assembling it, not because of putting pieces together, but rather because of the length of the screws. I measured each of the 10 screws at approx 2", even though the instructions showed 1 set of screws (8 pieces) and another set of smaller screws (2 pieces).

    I called Beachbody and told them that all the screws were too long except the manual was wrong on the 2nd set of screws – you NEED these to be atleast 2" wide to cover pieces.

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