How to make a bird bath out of plant pots

It is great fun to see our feathered friends frolicking and splashing into a bird bath. In addition to supplying them with drinking water, a tub helps them cool in hot weather and keeps their feathers free of the dust and dirt which could influence their trip.

It’s possible to create a simple bird bath from plant pots. Just follow our simple guide.

You may need:

A huge fiberstone plant pot
a sizable plant saucer
powerful glue
a few tiny gravel or stone.
1. Switch the plant pot upside down — get the increased up to assist as it may be quite heavy.

2. Spread glue on the top and press on the saucer down onto it to produce the basin. Get your grown up to assist you with the gluing too — you do not want to inadvertently glue to the bird bath!

3. If you want to produce your bird bathroom more vibrant, it is possible to decorate it acrylic paint is best for this. Seal it with a transparent varnish to ensure it is weather-proof. Do not paint the inside of the saucer however, this might be damaging to the birds which use it.

4. Place a layer of small stones or dirt at the saucer so that the birds do not skid on the surface, and then fill it with new water.

Set it into a flat, open place so cats can not creep up on the birds while they are using it. It is great if there are a number of trees or shrubs not too far off though, so that birds can hide in them whenever they are feeling threatened.

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But keep in mind, if a lot of leaves are falling to the tub they will rust and create bacteria which may cause the birds sick.

You wish to have the ability to see the birds carrying a bath so place it where you can view it easily without becoming too near. Do not put it too close to a window although as birds may not find the glass and then fly .

The Way to attract birds into your backyard

Just be certain that you don’t place your tub too near the feeder or it could get contaminated with pieces of food and bird poo.

And if you do not fancy creating your own, have a peek at the feeders, bird baths and bird boxes at our online store instead.