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How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive

38 thoughts on “How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive

  1. i can't find bios setup when i open my laptop , before i had it but now i cant find even when i press del , f2 or f12 .. what i have to do ?

  2. Works and its even easier with the newer computers. The BIOS menu didn’t open at all. It just went to the configuration settings (location, language, etc.) and saved me more time.

  3. Hi I have a problem
    My windows keeps booting into the hard drive
    I've put the USB in and set boot priority to removable but it still goes into hard drive pls help

  4. I get to the “installing windows” part then it will download and once it’s done it will restart automatically and bring me right back to the setup window

    How do I fix this

  5. as soon as I go into boot I click the removable device and sacve it then I go out of it and it loads up normally and I still have 32 bit

  6. So when I download the Windows 10 to USB from old PC and plug the USB to new PC nothing will happen with the datas from old PC?

  7. I have spent the last 8h trying to install Windows on my brand new PC to no avail. It freezes at various points in time – either on BIOS screen, or right after selecting keyboard/language, or at Setup is starting screen or right after selecting the drive. Out of like 150 restarts, I was only able to get to installation screen 3 times. Once it got stuck at Copying Files 31%, once at Preparing files 8% and once at Copying Files 0%. I have never had problems like this before and I dunno what the problem might be.

  8. if i just install window 10 without delete drive partition.. can I get back all my app progression.. I need to install window 10 because my hardisk was dropped.. I want to get back my active Window Office software back..I paid RM200 for that

  9. For some reason the usb that my friend gave me has only Portuguese as an installation language what do i do i only have internet on my phone I can't download a new Windows version and the pc came with Ubuntu witch i am not super familiar with

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