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How To Install Tileware Towel Bar | Columbia Missouri

Installing a tileware towel bar is easy and fast. The best part is there are no holes to drill into the waterproofing of the shower. The towel bar anchors are installed on top of the waterproofing.

The first thing we do is install the tile to the height we want the towel bar located. We prefer to install the bar in a grout joint, but that isn’t necessary. The Tileware anchor slips behind the tile and then we comb the mortar over the top of the anchor again. Backbuttering the tile is always a good practice as well.

Once the towel bar has roughed in, leave the temporary bar in place. This prevents the anchors from moving and will make the final installation go much faster.

After your tile has been fully installed and grouted it’s time to install the finished towel bar. There are two decorative barrels that are screwed to the pegs of the rough in bar. The end of the barrels unscrew to conceal the fasteners. Simply screw one barrel over a peg (doesn’t matter which peg) and face the opening towards the other peg. The second barrel and towel bar are installed simultaneously. The towel bar has a hole in it for your screwdriver to fit through. Attach the second barrel the same way the first barrel was installed. Re-install the caps and you’re finished.

The Tileware products are great in that they integrate with the shower waterproofing. I want as few holes as possible in my showers, that’s why I use these products exclusively.

We proudly serve the Mid-Missouri area as a bathroom remodeling company and tile installer. Our work includes a lifetime warranty for the tile installation. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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2 thoughts on “How To Install Tileware Towel Bar | Columbia Missouri

  1. What do you think about a towel bar that doesn’t compromise the waterproofing? Do you see the benefit to it?

  2. Great job Eric… TileWare's Towel Bars were specifically design for wet areas. The system deliberately protects waterproofing and is extraordinarily strong and reliable. Also, these components are solid stainless steel… so you can be certain they will never rust. 😎

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