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How to enable DreamScene in Windows 7 (64bit only)

Hello youtube its pspslimhacks!
Today im going to show you on how to get Dreamscene on Windows 7. This will only work for 64bit Users.

Windows 7 DreamScene (64bit only):
Link doesnt work no more but download all files individually and then put them together in a folder. After that keep watching the video. Sorry for delay. Updated: Feb 2014

1: Copy and Paste DreamScene.dll to C:/Windows/System32:

2: Copy and Paste DreamScene.dll.mui to C:/Windows/System32/en-US:

3: Run Dscene.reg

4: Restart Computer
5: Make sure, the video you want as a dreamscene is “****.WMV” and right click and set it as Dreamscene and it should work.

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30 thoughts on “How to enable DreamScene in Windows 7 (64bit only)

  1. When you make the video and you said some about downloading in the description it should be a downloading you didn't say anything about searching it so when I go on the description below do I got to search it was I given there or do I got to download it once I get in there cuz nothing's popping up saying download

  2. Hey Man, Folllowed all your steps, Still don't have the option to set as dreamscene, and yes the video i'm using is wmv. Not sure what the problem is. I've also made sure i'm running 64bit. Help?

  3. I'm otw follow your instruction 😀 Thanks~ 😀
    anyway, when I download, I doesn't have .Ds Store like what you have.. what is the function of that thing?@___@ ahaha XD thanks 🙂

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