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How To Change Bar Tape – Wrap Your Bars Like A Pro

Wrap bar tape like a pro with Daniel Lloyd! Changing the handlebar tape on your road bike is something of an art, and we look at how to get it right.

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Making sure that your bike is comfortable is important, and new bar tape can really help to improve the comfort on your hands, be it simply a single layer or even going for a double layer or gel pads Roubaix style! Not only can you improve the comfort, you can also make your bike look a lot sharper too!

Changing bar tape for comofort or style is though something that most cyclists will have to do at some point in their cycling careers, and it has a reputation as one of the trickiest and most awkward tasks going. Here we look at how to do it like the pros do with GCN’s own Daniel Lloyd.

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32 thoughts on “How To Change Bar Tape – Wrap Your Bars Like A Pro

  1. Get cycling tape for beginners

  2. Seems hilarious to use good ol' electrical tape at the end. I'm suprised there's isn't a more bike specific product.

  3. Brak informacji o długości produktu. Osobiście zawijam od strony mostka i uważam to za istotną wzmiankę.
    P-m Endriu.

  4. Just a note to add, before you insert the end plugs it's worth warming the tape up with a hairdryer – this makes it softer and more flexible and allows you to get a tighter wrap around the bar edge.

  5. I like the GCN videos but this one is not detailed enough to be of value to serious road cyclists. It completely ignores the importance of wrap direction or of switching direction at the brake/shift levers to accomodate for the different pressure riders place on the bars. Check out the Park Tools video for more information-

  6. The top of the tape must be wraped in the other direction, since the way the video showed it must go loose cause it is not against the force you must apply when you using it.

  7. Just done mine for the first time, this video has helped a lot. Will soon find out if I done a good enough job once I got out on a ride 😂👊

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