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How to bring a girl home from the bar or club (avoid THIS common mistake)

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How to Beast and I answer your questions and show you the best way to take a girl home from the bar or club.

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My name is Dave Perrotta.
I’m an entrepreneur & bestselling author based in Mexico City.
I upload new videos every Tuesday and Friday.


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45 thoughts on “How to bring a girl home from the bar or club (avoid THIS common mistake)

  1. Yes!! This style is awesome u guys are really helpful keep it up I need kite elaborating on the taking the girl home please

  2. Beast is right if its not going well just move on. Who knows if theres something wrong with the girl or not. It doesnt really matter. There are plenty more everywhere 👍🏼

  3. "How to bring a girl home from bar or club" here is the real answer no BS – you just have to be somewhat decent looking. End! This is the truth everyone likes to avoid, but it is the truth!

  4. Dave, what would you advise me?
    I've been attracted to a girl for quite a long time, but never asked her out.
    I struggle to text her as well.

  5. Definitely love it when yal get together and spit some knowledge! Awesome advice! Keep it up yal. I'ma definitely put in some questions to both your channels next time.

  6. Been binging your vids for around 2 weeks now (since I discovered you). I love it man, greetings from the UK! The colabs are amazing. Keep it up.

  7. I have one 2nd question. It is that a lot of my friends are having girlfriends and I really want one too because I feel like it will be so much fun! But I also don’t want to be the desperate guy who is hunting all day long. I hope you got some advice for me! Thanks anyways, and keep up the good work!

  8. Very often there are some american girls in my city. If i see a girl i like what should i tell her? Should i say something original about her looks ?

  9. I just had a date a few days ago, but not really sure if I wanna see her again. What is the best thing I can do in this position?

  10. I have to study but my two favorite youtubers made a new video together and the title is very interesting so let's watch the video ahahah💪🔥

  11. I went out to the city alone at 18 and went into a few clubs and bars. It was not a great night. I actually didn’t try very hard on being any bit outgoing or talking to anyone. I did talk to a few but not enough to get the juices going. Is this relatable to anyone? I think it was just because I didn’t know what to expect. I’m glad I did it and might consider it again soon. Dave was it like this for you when starting off?

  12. Thanks for the helpful video! If I ask "Do you want to get out of here?", is it really that simple for her to then just follow you back home, no questions asked?

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