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How to add categories to WordPress pages and display pages by category

20 thoughts on “How to add categories to WordPress pages and display pages by category

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  2. In the last minute you showed a post and i saw that there were more the one picture added there. How is it possible to make it with toolset?

  3. #Help_Post

    🙏Please help me 🙏
    Suppose I have created a page (Ex: SMARTPHONE)
    Now I wanna Show Some Categories Post in this page…How Can I do this?😖
    Please Help

  4. Hello Sir/madem
    can you help me.
    I want to input the website on the left and right side of the category.
    I have a site. I want to enter such a category in it. You can see the image of this website.

  5. Hi. I have page Clients Experience and Post wich will be on Home page. In page I am using categories Client Reviews. And post is olso in this categorie. But on home page does not show my post. Why???

  6. Thank you for your videos, you explain it well. Now what to do with uploaded files? Should I have a file manager to host the files? I do have a cloud space provided by the webhost but I needed to know if I needed some type of management for the files and how to do it.

    Also, I have a excel database that will retire soon, and I wanted to know if I can export/export csv files in and out of toolset. and how to do it

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