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How to Add Breadcrumbs to Your WordPress site

Elementor makes it easy to add breadcrumbs to your website. Breadcrumbs are the links that let your visitors navigate through the hierarchical structure of your site.

Elementor integrates to Yoast SEO’s breadcrumbs. You can then easily add the breadcrumbs to any Elementor global template, and add the breadcrumbs across your site with one click.

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19 thoughts on “How to Add Breadcrumbs to Your WordPress site

  1. Hello, perform the steps that appear in the video, but when installing on the Elementor Pro widget when viewing the Breadcumbs is not visible, should I configure something else? I have no entries, only pages.

  2. This should be a standard part of Elementor and not a part of installing the yoast plugin because as you say, it is very important for SEO.

  3. Yes, it is there for Elementor FREE. On the admin panel, go to Appearance > Customizing > Layout > Breadcrumb , then enable the Breadcrumb Position. Hope it helps. Good luck.

  4. But then I'll have to do it manually to all 200+ post I already have written? If so, how to do it automatically to old ones?

  5. I know this is probably a Yoast thing. But I would expect breadcrumbs to be constructed on the same lines as your menu. Home>page1>page2>page3>page4. Not Home>page4. These are not breadcrumbs but loaves of bread. Elementor hopefully you have bread crumbs on the horizon.

  6. I have yoast updated and I only have these options Dashboard Features Webmaster Tools and neither mention anything about breadcrumbs

  7. Yoast is having horrible outcomes. I wish Elementor wouldn't make Yoast as part of it.Won't install Yoast again.

  8. This is a great add. I hope you’ll include additional SEO services beyond Yoast. Not too happy with them right now and I’m thinking of switching to a different plugin like SEO Framework, or something similar.

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