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How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream | Jamie Bartlett

There’s a parallel Internet you may not have run across yet — accessed by a special browser and home to a freewheeling collection of sites for everything from anonymous activism to illicit activities. Jamie Bartlett reports from the dark net.

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30 thoughts on “How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream | Jamie Bartlett

  1. If it's encrypted then there's a key. If there's a key, chances are that the US government has it. You're not anonymous on the internet.

  2. Surprising that the Dark web works so well. (Kinda sad it is so available now), but I tried it many many many moons ago, and he is correct in all senses of the word. Helpful people, excellent products, and fast shipping, and yes, it usually does arrive. I wish the light web were more like it.

  3. I am into this from a prospect of selling free-range CBD meats. With the deregulation of slaughterhouses and responsibility on the owner of the animal to have USDA inspection done prior to butcher, this means markets for non-industrial ag products can expand outside of corporations and paying out middle men for a lower quality product.

  4. Long story short…. the internet is about to get twenty times worse lmfao

    More privacy in what you say online will lead to more anonymous assholes spouting nonsense opinions which affect no one.
    That’s the quickest outcome I see happening. Eventually may work back to sane humans using it, but the crazies always invade first lol

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