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How Lori Loughlin’s Lawyers Will Defend Her | Behind The Bar

TMZ’s lawyers Derek and Jason breakdown the recent college admissions scandal and debate who’s at fault in the case.


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38 thoughts on “How Lori Loughlin’s Lawyers Will Defend Her | Behind The Bar

  1. So the $500,000 dollars had nothing to do with it huh? Bullshit! These crooked people set up Lori to get her money. She is completely innocent. The only thing she is guilty of is loving her daughter. I wish my mother was like this.

  2. Lori is under tremendous pressure and this is ridiculous. Are they both going to jail? WTF! First they need to fire their dumbass incompetent lawyer. Next Lori's weasel husband needs to accept full responsibility and tell the court it was all his idea but only if Lori is not prosecuted and let go. That's all..

  3. Big Mama is waitin for that boney ass hollyweird bitch…… the rest of all those sisters waint some of that poo too,,,,,,

  4. She did have the intention. She KNEW those girls were not college material, and that was the root of her intention. And yes, there was someone who was defrauded, and in this case, it was the university system, the same system that asked me to pay for admission and send a resume, application, an essay and my grades to the admission office. Was Laughlin asked to do the same? I don't think so. Should they be in a trial there is no way that the juries won't understand the meaning of the word BRIBE.

  5. It 's not a matter of innocence or guilty with the Feds, specially White Collar charges. The Federales don't even care about intent. It's about making an example. Their lawyers should have told them the Federales has a 98% CONVICTION RATE.. They are both going to prison. It might not be too late to change their plea. But their lawyers want to go to court so they could make their millions. Even if the jury finds them not guilty which is pretty much imposibble, because of the stacked charges, the Feds prosecutors will appeal where the Upper Circuit will overturned the verdict. When the Federales have you on their crosshair as a target, say goodbye to everybody, because you are checking in. Plead guilty = 24 months (2 years), out in 18 months = Bump in the road. Guilty verdict = 120 months (10 years), they will serve 90 months (7.5 years)= This is how you make a bad thing go to worse by being proud. Both are going in.

  6. The universities want the big politican families in for their name.
    Then why were the girls asked when they were showing up for practice, and she was told to tell them she had a shoulder injuries.
    It costs money to even apply to these universities. So maybe part of the fine should be payback for all those that applied and didn’t get in.
    And last, there shouldn’t be full scholarship for athletes. It is a place of higher learning.

  7. Oh lawyers love rich people who think they can worm their way thru the justice system..then the appeals.
    Lots of money for the legal team.
    Lori conspired with the act of deceiving. Lori is guilty of both. Lori deceived the university, and stole 2 people future.
    You have no idea what the parents thought. Tuition and grades is what gets a student into school.
    Why not just donate to a library if it is so above board and easy. The parents can’t be stupid, if Lori dad was in organized crime.
    Great if this is how the game is played, then the game just got busted.
    Lori and husband still need to have prison time and fines. If you need to shed a tear for them Then lock them up.
    The 2 students who didn’t get in, they were defrauded. Quit making bad behaviour ok.
    Or get all the citizens koolaid.

  8. " THEY DID NOT KNOW THEY WERE DECEIVING ANYONE " then they had someone takes the test for their kids , and staged photos , and payed money .. Tell it to the jury .

  9. Lol. Looking at the comments here and just about every other post on this story, everyone is thinking with their hurt hearts and not their brains. This is not new. As he was saying, rich people have been doing this for forever and a half in one form or another. Some with donations to the right building or what not, others, lining the right persons pockets. Yes I think Lori knew what she was doing, but I think she figured everyone with her funds, did it also, which if they dug up every single person who went to University, guaranteed you'd be amazed at all the people who got in unfairly over the years, decades, maybe even longer. I think its something that has bothered poor people (I am Poor btw)for a long time, and everyone jumps on the witch hunt band wagon far too easily with their feelings, and not knowing every fact in front of them, and separating their feelings vs what actually happened and how it happened. I think of it like buying a car. You get the right salesman, and if you have bad credit, if you want that car bad enough (aka your kid to have a secondary education), and this salesman is showing you all the loop holes and telling you all the people he got into his car with far worse credit, at an amazing rate, Your feelings take over and you sign here, and date there, and next thing you know, the cars in your driveway, when without that salesman's tactics you'd still have that broken down car you couldn't drive any longer. I hope my thought is coming across, I'm not on her side by any means, just trying to see a perspective if I was in shoes like hers. Lets face it, Money talks, always has, and always will.

  10. The guy who believes that Loughlin committed no crime is really not bright. Duh, the legal term for cheating the system is FRAUD. Lying and misrepresentation are examples of FRAUD. Fraud is always a crime. I had to stop the video, the guy on the right is an idiot. I couldn't stand to watch someone that dumb

  11. I hope she does serious time. The big doe eyed I didn’t know what I was doing even though I shot fake pictures etc….but I shouldn’t go to jail because I’m sweet Aunt Becky.

  12. She deceived the school systym and fraudulent stole a student who deserved the right to be in that school by her kids getting those spots

  13. Ignorance is NOT an excuse…and they did not once but twice! And this is NOT a victimless crime about the deserving student who lost their legit spot! Seriously????No! The system doesn't work..not for the victims that earned their spot…how do they fake her Daughters grade scores? They girl made it very clear she never went to HS?

  14. Their mega rich = should pay students, who lost out due to their cheating, tuition's! At least to the point of their half a million scam!

  15. HOLLYWEIRD might clean up it's act when Lori and her husband go to prison! Lot of stars going to try and cover up their own skeletons!

  16. Loughlin and her husband are not naive? C'mon, did she write a check or pay cash!? They just don't have a moral compass! Most criminals do not! 😠😕😠😡

  17. Lori Loughlin schemed to hide how Olivia got into USC from her high school guidance counselor got suspicious (there is evidence. If she thought she wasn't doing anything wrong, she wouldn't have told the mastermind of the scam that she didn't want anyone going to the school because it would shut everything down and that she didn't want to bring any attention to her daughter from their "little friend" aka the guidance counselor) and she claimed the bribe money as a donation on her taxes…she clearly knew what she was doing was illegal.

  18. Of course everyone involved knew about this scam and many others. The daughters went to a very elite all girls private high school. Those wealthy daughters talked about getting into all kinds of coveted colleges and universities because of who their parents were. But Lori's daughters were unaware? And the parents talked among themselves. Except Jade and her sister's parents talked to no other parents? Of course we can choose to believe what we want.

  19. Guy on the right is really missing the point… our education system is broken and this is the most perfect example. That’s why college should be free for all no one should have an advantage over anyone. And people especially Lori need to be held accountable…she cheated. Off the books or not an example needs to be set to stop this fucked up privilege shit

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