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How I Passed the Bar Exam on the First Try

12 thoughts on “How I Passed the Bar Exam on the First Try

  1. I got so emotional when you opened your Bar results. Like it was so good for my soul. Congratulations beautiful Queen! So happy for you and proud of you. You two are so phenomenal, it's an absolute pleasure following you all's journey!

  2. Always appreciate the content!!! You said something about a “guy you were talking to ?” Med school you say 🤔?

  3. I genuinely teared up watching both of you and angel react when you both passed the bar. Y'all are so incredible and give me so much inspiration! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, Sam! So proud of you. May God bless you, Angel, and Priscilla greatly. Can't wait to hear about your current and future endeavors in the legal field.

  5. Happy you made this look back video (I loved watching Angels bar prep) and were even recording videos during your studies even though you didn’t release it. I totally get that feeling of not wanting people to add pressure to you, that people think they are helping when they say “you got this”, “don’t worry, you gonna pass”, you just want them all to shut the fuck up! Lmao they don’t know what’s going to happen and it only makes someone feel worse. Whenever I have people around me working hard toward a goal I never say, don’t worry you got this. I get them to focus on all that they are doing to work toward that goal and I don’t belittle how hard it is and how hard they are having to work and it still might not work out. You need people to be real with you and that you can be real with regarding your fears without being overly negative which is a hard thing to do. Having people that understand and can do that balancing act is a life saver, we all need that.

    Anyway I’m so happy for you (and Angel) and I love that I found this channel, I’m not even in law school or want to be a lawyer lol, I’m an engineer.

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