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How do you explain consciousness? | David Chalmers

Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers: “There’s nothing we know about more directly…. but at the same time it’s the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe.” He shares some ways to think about the movie playing in our heads.

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31 thoughts on “How do you explain consciousness? | David Chalmers

  1. One of the brains main functions is an 'Interface' between LIFE and the experience (Universe). Sadly the human brain suffers from "Double Logic" present within the human Genome. But Consciousness which is just another title for LIFE is separate from the universe including the brain. Consciousness is just another title for LIFE, or the Real Self. The human experience is just that, an experience LIFE is experiencing one of billions and billions of different experiences produced through a Processing System referred to as The Processing System of LIFE. It is very, very easy to see the Processing System Construct Outside the experience, (universe) when shown how or brought to your attention by them, that know and see the Processing System of LIFE themselves. Once you discover how to see this Processing System, you can study its Construct, workings and its operating language.

  2. Why don't we think of consciousness in terms of the "time dependent state" of a system? More the variables in a system that are time dependent, greater the degree of consciousness.

    For example – Imagine you are you, but without any memory. Will you be considered conscious in that case? I don't think so, because it's like being present only in that moment, without having any knowledge of the past to work with. It's like a still picture, instead of a movie. If any system has a sense of time (i.e. able to remember/able to predict), we can call it conscious. The phenomenon of consciousness is intrinsically tied with the phenomenon of "experience", and therefore the concept of time.

  3. Discover and understand the difference between the species and LIFE. Consciousness is not part of the brain but consciousness is LIFE itself, the observer, which is non dimensional.The brain supports the body but it also acts as an interface between LIFE (Consciousness) and the experience. The brain acts like a processor operating as an encoded system. Its not possible for the brain to be aware, and there is no decoding function within the brain. The brain is part of the experience. There is a processing system outside the experience we could call 'The Processing System of LIFE'. Did you know we can view this processing system, study its construct and workings, as well as it operating language visually when shown how by those that know the Processing System of LIFE.

  4. This is BRILLIANT. So nice to see someone stand up and actually put it out there. I can't follow all the way to conscious computers, though. Not computers built the way we build them now. Maybe some future computer will be different. Here's one simple argument. When I am awake, I'm conscious. When I'm asleep, and not dreaming, I'm not conscious. But my body still works and so on. I put computers in that category. They're like the autonomous systems of the body that crank right along when we're not conscious and minding the store.

  5. 8:45 – Dan Dennett is beyond wrong. I 100% agree with the people who say his book should have been titled "Consciousness Explained Away." He offers absolutely nothing of worth in that book. It's all an illusion? What is it that's experiencing the illusion? No answer. Sorry – spin again.

  6. For human terms, going forward in human evolution…science cant prove anything, they can only guess, analyse and conclude, then it becomes the modern day bible for us to believe!! What they don't realise scientists about the body and how it functions is there are NO WHYS at a universal consciousness perspective. It's just the mind in the perception experience of WHY and LOGIC and trying to validate with truth .. They make plausible reasons for why it is so! That's the perception you can have for that life experience, that's what the mind gives us, at the end of the day it "all just is and was meant to be what you face in your reality"..This is then when you awaken and reremember further and need the next piece of the human evolution puzzle when it's your time.. how the DNA operates and functions is automatic to the life journey of an individual that was planned. Thats why Science can only GUESS where the body is concearned and why their "cure rates" are mixed…you can't cure we are just merely witnessing what was planned in each of us for our life journeys. EXACT time alive in this life too. Sickness/illness and disease also.. DNA/Body programming had that planned even before lets say the analogy of life in the linear thinking life mind.. WE FORGOT PREDESTINATION being born, at any moment planned. It's all for the plethora of HUMAN experience at any moment that we come to be as a soul energy with personality (i'll use that label) remembering at the perfect times what you are meant to be doing in life with the gifts you've been given…. I Evolved DNA to stand for "DESTINED NATURE ABSOLUTELY" in any given moment what was planned in your life…and it's about relationship changes to all what arises emotionally, mentally, physically within the body…..We all deserve free advice ….the universe provides us with what we need at any time. The end of human suffering is near those who evolve out of blame and victimhood and the beliefs unravel when destined which synchronistically happens at the time of your life experiences..(same time) the reconfigurings in DNA/ programming restructure and evolve you into a different person beliefs wise and perception, in what feels true to you in any moment. Body tells us everything and the more we ground and reremember our soul in our HUMAN BODIES we know (label again) heart/soul intuition and that trust of that is when it all starts to make sense….Freewill and choice is the perception we think we can take the wrong path …the reality is we can't, the universe is too perfect and we are an extension of that perfection to the way we operate in our DNA for the EXACT experiences that were always going to end up in our realities that made it !! ……That's where i introduce you to. Yes we awaken to reremember we are the universe in that expansive state and however you discover it in your own way, THEN WE RETURN BACK TO THE BODY AND BECOME THE EMPOWERED INFINITE FEARLESS OF LIFE AND DESTINY.. SOUL WITNESS …WITNESS >>WITNESS>>>>> WITNESS …(repeat repeat repeat to grab your attention) !!!! IN THE BODY AND BECOME MORE HONEST ABOUT OUR TRUE HUMAN EXPERIENCE MOMENT TO MOMENT….We are here for the human experience!! WHO reremembered this too ?? Wink Wink …!!

  7. "Consciousness" is merely a trick performed by the 'Biological Imperative' aspect of Evolution. Being 'passengers" of a mammalian bioform, gives an Illusion of Freewill, where No actual freewill exists…In the grand scheme of Evolution, the 'Who's of History, are irreverent, as are the drama's of our daily lives!
    Biological imperatives are the needs of living organisms required to perpetuate their existence: to survive. Include the following hierarchy of logical imperatives for a living organism: survival, territorialism, competition, reproduction, quality of life-seeking, and group forming. What we mistakingly call, Society!

  8. Consiouness is an emergent property of the brain billion years of evolution to the point an organism became aware of its existence an human basically.

  9. dear friends ..don miss the poweful discourses delivered by the enlightened Master HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam which takes our consciousness to the next level

  10. Consciousness: A thing in itself, or besides itself, the sum of all qualia, or perhaps a channel on the Matrix. Consciousness can be raised, lowered, embodied, or if it means to, float out of this room. It is everywhere, perhaps nowhere, but most certainly is here with you, reading this dumb definition, and is well, self-conscious about it.
    from Dr. Mezmer’s World of Bad Psychology, found on an internet near you

  11. I think.




    The way.

    He talks, is.

    A little frustrating. xD Reminds me of Bush. I do however appreciate the importance of pauses in speech, particularly in a presentation such as this.

  12. From nothing but the energy, matter and physics that was formed within this expanding bubble of time and space, that ignited gases into blazing dying suns that created elements that got refined and redefined in the births and deaths of countless other blazing dying suns, that created the chemicals to bond with the elements, that created a re-sequencable code on a strand of DNA that found itself on a ball of rock hurtling through the void of space, that adapted and resequenced itself to become everything that has ever and will ever live, to the pinnacle so far in the evolutionary journey of the human mind that now sees and understands himself as those unconscious atoms created in the birth of the universe, now studying itself.

    It has taken this unconscious universe almost 14 billion years now for it to take itself to create itself to become made aware of itself, with life, that takes itself to create itself to become made aware of itself to now stand on the cusp of understanding its every own creation.

    without consciousness to witness existence then existence just does not exist … because without consciousness to witness existence not one thing exists to anything else

    out of eternity sprung this bubble of time and space and from nothing but the energy, matter, and physics that was formed within this bubble, sprang an awareness of tiself, and every living thing is the center of its existence, a universal figment of its imagination.

    It is happy it is sad ti is sane it is mad it is gay it is straight it is you it is me it is us it is them it is life it is death. It swims and it runs and it flies through the sky and it eats the dirt beneath our feet, from where it all began

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