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Hong Jin Young "Who said that you could act?" [Running Man Ep 408]

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44 thoughts on “Hong Jin Young "Who said that you could act?" [Running Man Ep 408]

  1. Dem i thought the subtitles got some error or got different meaning i hadnt know something like dat when he said "the weather".. But he really said dat. Dem i ded

  2. Kang Hana is there like usually-well-reserved-top-student-on-field-trip vibes. How is she that elegant with sweatpants :3

  3. The the original version of the background drums solo at the start of the video is a solo by performed by Buddy Rich. The version in the video is from the movie Whiplash.
    Btw, watch Whiplash.

  4. The runningman show will never end but the current member looks exhausted. They aged. But if one day the runningman decide to end the show, please consider this temporary members to be in. Dahee, ha Na, ji young, seong yob to be permanent cast.

  5. For so long I watch running man. I normally dont like female guests because of their high maintenance and aegyo. But seeing Somin, Jinyoung, Hanna and Dahee acting no difference than the members crack me up😂😂😂 its nice seeing Jihyo has female friends around with non of the guys being flirty or bias to them

  6. i actually expected the switzerland part would be a bit boring since it was a luxury package. but turned out that it's more interesting and funny than the UK part/team.
    they have good and natural chemistries. love the combinations of JK-Haha-Sechan and Jihyo goes well with Jinyoung and Hana too.
    didn't expect the boys would make such big changes and gave up the game to the girls but they're SO hilarious. the whole game was just so hilarious. and "the weather has changed" LOL!

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