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Hometown Bar with Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean and Jimmy pay tribute to their hometown bar as they head back the night before Thanksgiving. Full lyrics below:

Night before Thanksgiving, pies are in the oven
Gosh I love my folks, but i’m gettin’ sick of ‘em
So I head into town to the local dive

The bouncer inside is named big dave
He used to kick me out when I was underage
But now he just goes in for a high five

Take a look around, I know everyone here
There’s my old math teacher and she’s chuggin’ a beer
And the girl who had a kid is drinkin’ with her son

There’s the girl I took to the homecomin’ dance,
And there’s the weird guy who never wore pants

I open up a tab cuz the party’s just begun
So cheers to me, and cheers to you
And cheers to mike with the neck tattoo
Whether you left or stuck around
Cheers to gaining thirty pounds
Those sticky floors and busted doors, my past I am re-livin’
At my hometown bar on the night before Thanksgivin’

That guy’s tips used to be frosted
That girl there used to be a goth kid
The barkeep used to be a football star

She’s in book club with my mom
He’s still callin’ things “da bomb”
And the valedictorian’s dancin’ on the bar

So cheers to you, and cheers to me
Cheers to Jan and her new teeth
To finally clearin’ all the air
Cheers to your remaining hair
Those neon lights and drunken fights, my past I am re-livin’
At my hometown bar on the night before Thanksgivin’

And tomorrow we will wish
We didn’t go so hard
But tonight we will go hard!

Whole Bar
(we will go hard!)

So cheers to you and cheers to us
Growin’ old but never growin’ up
Cheers to havin’ hometown pride

And callin’ your dad for a ride

Favorite places, friendly faces, my past I am re-livin’
At my hometown bar on the night before Thanksgivin’

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Hometown Bar with Jason Aldean



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34 thoughts on “Hometown Bar with Jason Aldean

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  2. Yalllll I saw you Jimmy in the Macy’s parade and there was this guy behind me that kept pushing me! 🤬😣😒 and I pushed him BACK btw I’m 13 and he was like 30 maybe 40 so like I wanna kill him 🙃😂

  3. Wasn't looking for this but it sure brought a smile to my Thanksgiving morning!!! Best wishes to everyone that reads this…

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