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Hispanic Parenting Fails – Dennis Gaxiola – Full special

The Greatest Hispanic Parenting ever uses lots of examples, just ask Dennis Gaxiola. If you liked this comedy special from Dennis Gaxiola, you’ll probably like our other comedy specials as well, and you can watch them for FREE right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App. Available now on all Android and iOS devices


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42 thoughts on “Hispanic Parenting Fails – Dennis Gaxiola – Full special

  1. how about sneaking your kid into another country illegally or worse renting your kid to someone else to sneak into a country illegally . i'm not saying all hispanics do it , but you don't see alot of Italians doing it now do you…………………………………..

  2. 23:00 I know this is comedy, and this guy is funny, but he’s old enough that he should remember the Unabomber, the JDL, and the Oklahoma City bombings.

  3. I’m 17 and I got hurt sleeping as well. No lie, I gotta have back surgery soon, got some stuff wrong with my stomach. It’s hitting early 😂😫

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