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High Season in Pattaya // Looking for a New Bar #MLGA

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32 thoughts on “High Season in Pattaya // Looking for a New Bar #MLGA

  1. People have reasons they don’t like to be filmed, not illegal to film in public granted but I’m never happy if someone tries to stick a camera in my face, but you were inside a bar, if it was my bar I’d ask you not to film and just enjoy the place. Problem now is far to many wannabe vloggers running around Patts filming people, those guys didn’t go about it the right way that’s for sure, if it was me I’d politely request you didn’t film me, if that didn’t work then I’d take a different tact. Lots of the girls don’t want to be filmed either, many lie to family about job they do in Pattaya. Not having a go just saying it how it is, good luck you seem an ok guy.

  2. first it was the inbred pattaya VLOGGERS,then it was thainamite,then the RAT,two German fat cnuts,one Belgium schoolboy on drugs…NOBODY MESSES ABOUT WITH….THE TOMINATOR(COPYRIGHT MY JOKE)…t-shirts getting printed today with TOMINATOR on…PriSCilla still shitting herself😂😂😂😂😂

  3. done well Tommy to keep your cool… many would not have….there is a way to speak to people and all them wankers that approached you were completely out of line….

  4. If you want to hit someone then take the chance when they argue with or provoke a Thai then you always win when the police arrive 🙂

  5. Well done for keeping your shit together with those European lunatics. Could have easily turned ugly and there are no winners here.

  6. I used to like Prittichan. She seemed very intelligent when she first appeared on your vlogs with a quirky sense of humour. Now, every time I see her she is either wasted or off her face on god knows what.

  7. Toms twilight zone stream..dafuq was that a full moon? That's why I can't do what you guys do. Couldn't handle the nonsense with those people.

  8. Pattaya is not a good place to fight wrong people. That can be very dangerous. Very high risk for many problems in Pattaya Thailand. Be careful.

  9. I'm left wondering why an overwheight out of shape(not talking about you Tom) German pensioner would think it a good idea to tell someone less than half his age(i am talking about you Tom)and try to force him to stop using his camera/phone in a public place? Foolhardy to say the least. If he said it to me I would have wrapped Mrs Slocombe's Pussy round his yed. IF THE BAR ASKS YOU TO STOP FILMING THEN YOU STOP FILMING,OTHERWISE IGNORE THESE 'CHEATING ON THEIR WIVES PARANOID PRICKS'

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