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Harvesting Honey from our Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive from

My wife’s first time video taping me harvesting some honey out of our hive. I have been harvesting about a gallon of honey off of two top bars every other week for the past two months. For more info on this Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive check out


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32 thoughts on “Harvesting Honey from our Cedar Top Bar Bee Hive from

  1. I have read all the comments and i am annoid with them,,, i atched the video and my first raeaction was , the hive is full he needs to split..thats why they are so aggressivve…. then i READ HIS DESCRIPTION UNDERNEATH AND UNDERSTOOD BETTER….. so all you people telling him what he should do, TRY READING BEFORE YOU COMMENT

  2. Those bees needed a lot more smoke, but I'm not sure how much good it would have done.  Man those look like some cranky girls, but all I've done is research online with no current intentions of actually keeping bees myself (can't where I live, but it's fascinating stuff and I wish I could!) so for all I know this could be closer to the norm than all these videos of keepers without suits almost playing with cuddly little fuzzballs.  Is this the norm for this hive?  If they weren't doing good I might ask about requeening, but man that's some intense production.

  3. Nice Cedar top bar hive.
    Your beehive look very crowded and it was overcast day from what I saw the video that can make your bees more aggressive.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. My wife was wearing a bee suite. This was her first time around the bees and was a little scared. The bees were very aggressive. They were suppose to be a hybred bee that was raised for gentlness and high honey production. Gentle they were not. The most aggressive bees I have ever had. They definitly produced alot of honey. I ended up killing the queen and requeening the hive and that took care of that.  The hive is plenty big enough for our short flowering time here in Wisconsin. We only have about 4 months of a flowering season. I just needed to harvest more honey more often than I was. I don't really smoke my bees that often as I feel that they are not that agitated when I work slowly and use my tool to genltly pry and remove the top bars. I like using the skinny tools that we sell so I dont crush as many bees. Traditional bee hive tools don't work that well on a top bar hive. For a simple way of raising bees for pollinating your garden and harvesting honey thru out the growing season, there is no better hive than this hive. 

  5. Thoughts on the video and some of the comments:
    Lots of comments to use a smoker.  He did but perhaps not too effectively.  Not sure it would matter much given the relative assertiveness of this hive.  But definitely don't blow on them.  CO2 in your breath is a warning signal to the bees..
    Hive Tool:  Meh….who cares what kind of tool it is?  It's only used to pry a stuck top bar loose and in this case cut away some brace comb. Traditional hive tools may not be well suited to the top bar hive anyway.  The main problem here isn't the tool so much as the length of the top bar hive.  The hive has expanded to maximum and thus the keeper has very little space to work with when it comes to cutting away the brace comb on the first bar…hence the long slow work.  Far better to have a longer top bar hive with a well fitted follower so there's plenty of empty space to work your bars when the hive is open and the follower pulled back.  
    No point in brushing any bees off your suit if you are gonna be there another 20 min.  You're gonna get bees on your suit, they're gonna land on you, and if they are somewhat assertive they'll try to sting.  You might want to smoke the spots they do sting on the suit though as stinging leaves behind a chemical scent that encourages others to sting as well.  Smoke can interrupt that chemical communication a bit.
    Otherwise good on ya!

  6. This looks like a couple who have been convinced against smoking and big hive tools.  Ive seen the tool hes using, its supposed to be small and less invasive but since it is slower it causes longer agitation and more stress in the end.  Smoking doesnt stress bees, it causes them to feed and thus relax, like us after a thanksgiving meal.  Also never blow on bees, the CO2 makes them send out hormones to attack thinking there is a large predator near.

  7. Thank you very much for interesting video! Best wishes from frosty Ukraine and happy beekeeping! 🙂

  8. I'm guessing of course she was wearing a suit… she might have been just very scared of the bees not being used to it.

    I would have the urge to swat them and scream and run away too

  9. #1.  Learn to use a smoker.
    #2.  Get yourself a hive tool to make the job faster.
    #3.  Protect your camera person while you're harvesting.  She can't even keep the camera still with all the attacks.  

  10. Couldn't watch the whole thing.  Was the camera girl not wearing a suit?  All the huffing and dramatics made this a terrible watch.  So I skipped to the end, you didn't actually harvest any honey in this video…

  11. I congratulate your wife for sticking it out there, I would had install a tipod and left you by yourself, those bees look and sound very aggressive
    Thumps up to your wife!

  12. I agree with the other comments that looks like it is an aggressive hive. might be time to pinch the queen and requeen the hive.the way they went straight to your face in this video showed they are not gentle at all.

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