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Grab Bar Installation For An Accessible Bathroom

Installing a bathtub or shower grab bar is easy with these step by step instructions and will make your bathroom more accessible to those with limited mobility.

Place a vertical grab bar next to the shower or tub. Use a stud finder to locate a stud. Mark and drill pilot holes for screws. Place three screws in the top and bottom of the grab bar. Place the covers of the screws.

To attach a grab bar to tile, find studs and attach with screws. Set your drill to a slower speed and use a glass and tile bit to avoid breaking the tile. You may need an anchor.

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18 thoughts on “Grab Bar Installation For An Accessible Bathroom

  1. These videos are good, but not one has addressed the problem of when the wall behind it is an outside concrete wall. I had to find out the hard way on my own. When your wall behind you tile is an outside wall, it will not be a hollow wall, which all these spread apart anchors are made for. No matter how deep you drill, you will not be able to hook up any anchor that has to spread out behind the wall. You have to use plugs, plastic or metal. And make sure the screws are stainless steel, or else they will start rusting in and outside of the wall, with orange seeping down.

  2. Can you post a video on how to use the drill bit?  What brand did you recommend?  How did you put it together to begin drilling?  etc…

  3. This video is an excellent resource for grab bar installation.  I just installed two(2) Moen grab bars at my in-law's.  Both were 18" bars.  One was installed vertically with the Moen Secure Mount Anchors.  The other was installed in the tub on the studs.    If you install an 18" grab bar on a diagonal, you can catch the two adjoining studs 16" on center.  I found the Secure Mount Anchors easier to install than the stud option.  These Moen Products were high quality, sturdy, and easy to install.  I would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a grab bar install.

  4. So how do you install one or more to the walls of a one piece fiberglass tub and shower enclosure? That may well have been what Louise was asking about.

  5. Use a rare earth magnet to locate screw/nail heads which will locate studs behind tile. It takes a bit of time but will give you peace of mind knowing your grab bar is secured to a stud.

  6. Не будет нормально держаться, последний саморез провернулся, другие так же, наверное, закручены. Иногда такую патентованную хрень рекламируют, диву даешься. Хотя, если у заказчика руки растут из задницы, а головы вообще нет, то сойдет и такой способ срубить бабла.

  7. Wow, that stud finder works very well on a tile wall… in my experience, this is next to impossible to do.  Stud finders rarely work on tile walls with cement backer board. 

  8. Nothing short of a ledger plate behind the tile works. Would a licensed contractor bet his license against a 200lb + pull on a bar attached to tile, ah no! Open the wall behind the location of the bar and install either a 2X6", 2X8" or better yet, install these during original construction.

  9. Only install to studs.
    The plastic anchors will withstand downward pull but not repeated pulls horizontally. Eventually they will pull through the wall. This is especially true when the anchor hole exposes the drywall to moisture.

  10. Doesn't matter how old you are these are a great safety device and so easy to fit. You can find lots of Home Safety Guides at Hometipster.

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