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“goodbye” – wheein but she’s performing at a bar and you’re sad bc the girl you like is straight

ik i have a variety of listeners – including those who identify as lgbtq+. as such, i try my best to make some scenarios ambiguous enough so that they can apply to everyone regardless of their gender and/or romantic/sexual preferences. however, i have felt as if most of them do come across as mainly heteronormative bc of the dialogues i use. i apologize if you’ve ever felt the same. please kno that i love you and appreciate you just as much. your existence and way of loving is just as much valid and accepted on this channel as it should be anywhere else. i’ve always wanted to make an edit especially and unapologetically for you, and i thought wheein’s new song would be the perfect way to do so. i could go on and on to explain exactly how so, but instead, i’ll leave the link to her mv for you to find out yourself (( and support her as well !! )). : )
↳ ✨

i love mamamoo for always being vocal abt their support for the lgbtq+ community, and so im rly proud of wheein for producing such art even though it has created some unneeded (( and needed )) controversy and discussion in south korea.

note: this edit is not to invalidate bisexuality nor one’s decision to change labels. i recognize that one can like both women and men in varying degrees and be bisexual. furthermore, although i am strongly against the whole notion of gayness being a “temporary phase”, i am also aware that it is completely ok to label yourself as smth and then change your mind later on if you no longer feel comfortable with it. i also want to reiterate that questioning your sexuality is completely valid as well, and that others choose or later on choose not to label themselves at all and that is ok too. overall, i do not wish to suggest anything harmful if any of the above applies to you. i am solely basing this scenario off of the dialogue i used for the first audio clip. : )

so ya that’s it for now, i hope you enjoy this edit !! ♡

take care always,

joonpiter ☾

if you are able to, please support and donate to the trevor project – the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lgtbq+ youth:

if you are in need of someone to talk to, they also have helplines (( available through call, text, and chat )) that are available for you 24/7 – 365 days:



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38 thoughts on ““goodbye” – wheein but she’s performing at a bar and you’re sad bc the girl you like is straight

  1. hello !! please read the description box if you can. : )

    if you are here and reading this, ik and trust all of you to be very accepting and loving. many of you are the reason this channel is able to stay as a safe place for everyone to be who they are and unapologetically so.

    as such, i feel like i don't rly have to say this but just to make it clear – any sort of hateful and homophobic comments will NOT be tolerated AT ALL on this channel. please unsubscribe and learn to practice love and tolerance first if this edit bothers you. i do not believe in "personal opinions" or "freedom of speech" if it is at the expense of another human's rights and well-being. we are different in many ways, but we all just want to live and love ♡

    please be respectful and kind in the comments section. thank you!

  2. I feel attacked by the title and those crying voice at the end break my too much.. supposed to sleep now it’s almost 2am but no, m sleep crying instead..

  3. I love you for this omg. wheein really snapped w/ the goodbye mv, and her vocals are so powerful I feel like crying every time I listen to it. the dialogue at the beginning made me even sadder omg, where is it from? the only wlw k-drama I know of is lily fever…

  4. Imagine getting rejected by your straight crush then Wheein is performing just for you and she's your first love. The end

  5. ThE audio is from that one thing right i don't know what is called but I've watched it before when she leaves the guy she just starts crying

  6. I have a crush on my best friend and she keeps flirting with me in a friendly and joking way not knowing that it made me like her and now I can't do anything about it cuz she's straight and when she initiates skinship I just can't look at her the same way or feel the same(friendly) way about her… and this vid had to be specific so now I have to go through sad emo hours again oml byeee-

  7. Piano Man by Mamamoo, but playing on your phone as you're crying silently to yourself about how life isn't worth living with somebody practicing the cello in the background

  8. this is absolutely amazing! it felt like wheein was in my room with me! please consider making a "it's raining and my neighbor is listening to goodbye" version, I think it would be soooo good

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