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GODS vs GODS vs CASTLE! – Conan Exiles Finale

God fight! God fight! God Fight! The victor gets his freedom!

INTRO- “Neebs Gaming Intro Theme – Orchestral Remix” by BobNL
OUTRO- “Neebs Gaming – Conan Exiles Finale” by Soroush Taheri

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Conan Exiles Music (in order of use):

“Island Coconuts” by Aaron Kenny

“Neebs Gaming Intro Theme – Orchestral Remix” by BobNL

“Dubakupado” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

“Brain Trust” by Wayne Jones

“Cypher” by Wayne Jones

“Nameless Knight” by Makai Symphony

“Dark Blade” by Makai Symphony

“Investigations” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

“Lachaim” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

“Samurai Fighter Ⅰ” by Makai Symphony

“Push Me” by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

“Neebs Gaming – Conan Exiles Finale” by Soroush Taheri

Thank you for watching Conan Exiles! 🚀


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42 thoughts on “GODS vs GODS vs CASTLE! – Conan Exiles Finale

  1. This series inspired me to play the game myself. Apparently the developers added an Easter egg in you guy’s honor! Can be found in Silken Wood. Love the series and was so happy to find the Easter egg

  2. This entire show i would give a solid 10 to. It was a genuine TV series… Wasn't a single episode i didn't enjoy watching. Ending was even better.

  3. You guys are just amazing! A better team of people gaming together, you can't find! You fill my days with hours of happiness and joy with your videos! You guys have the greatest gaming channel on YouTube 😀 And Adahop your editing is super!

  4. What a glorious series. Had a great time watching this on my Christmas break and will always remember it. Ada, you sir deserve the gold medal for this series, you don't just put the effort into a lot of editing but you do a fantastic job at it too. Will have to come back to this series one day for sure!

  5. binged 37 hilarious conan vids, press play on #38, no play… NO PLAY! WAT?! WHAT IS THIS LOADY-LOOPTY-RINGWORM CIRCLING MY SCREEN?! I NEEBS MY FINALE!!!!!

  6. Excellent finale! Sad to see you go right before mounts were implemented though. Imagine the jousting possibilities! Hope to see you return to Exiled Lands again soon.

  7. I found the easter egg of you guys today, your the entire reason I got into conan so I was like damnnnn thats crazy, gave me shivers

  8. ?? Did he had to restart the game or something? I didn't get it.

    Ps: weird, most artis name sound Japanese. Who saw that coming? 🤔

  9. Literally just binge watched this whole series… Haven't laughed so much and so hard watching YT videos… I think i'm hooked… I am playing Conan solo and clicked on a mid series video just for something to watch while taking a break from playing and oh boy, Had to watch it from the beginning… So much fun… I'll be watching a lot more of you guys…

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