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Giulia Rozzi: Social Media Is The New Bar Hopping – CONAN on TBS

According to Giulia, Facebook is a townie bar, Twitter is a rowdy pub, and Instagram is a strip club.

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34 thoughts on “Giulia Rozzi: Social Media Is The New Bar Hopping – CONAN on TBS

  1. Listen Conan, I'm sorry I have to inform you but me and Sade have gone our separate ways for now. I know this might be hard for you but I'll still comment on your posts.

  2. Giulia Rozzi is a comedy goddess! And easy on the eyes to boot. This is a successful merger of two great things: her stand-up and Conan's show. Would, and will, watch again. Yay!

  3. Every Female Comedian is always the same: only jokes about Sex, Relationships and Insecurities, no matter the context, it's always the same thing over and over again.

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