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GIANT ICECREAM SNICKERS CANDY BAR! No Bake Recipe by My Cupcake Addiction

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Today I made a GIANT Snickers Bar ICE CREAM Dessert. 4 Ingredients, no Baking required & my definition of heaven on a plate.

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2 x cans of Caramel / Top n Fill or Dulce de Leche
100g unsalted Peanuts
600ml Whipping cream
800g melted dark (or milk) chocolate

Bar Tin/Loaf Tin
Electric mixer
Offset spatula
Parchment paper


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30 thoughts on “GIANT ICECREAM SNICKERS CANDY BAR! No Bake Recipe by My Cupcake Addiction

  1. It looooooks sooooooo tasty but there is only one thing that is missing and that is the chocolate on the bottom of the Snickers .. but nevertheless it looks amazing and i wanna try these by my own .. i am so eager how it will taste

  2. You are the best! I love your videos and ideas. I just wonder if you can recreate a magnum ice cream bar. It's my favorite, and is quite of expenssive here. I will appreciate very much! Thanks!

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