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Ghost Romance Movie 2019 | No.69 House, Eng Sub | Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2019 New Ghost Romance Movie “No.69 House” is about a story of love and redemption. The No.69 House, a painting created by Ying Ning and her fiance Xu Feng. was a witness of their love. But when Ying Ning recovered from her serious illness, Xu Feng disappeared with the painting. In an exhibition, Ying Ning found a strange woman with her painting. Ying Ning and Tong Tong followed her to an old town. They met Xu Feng was marrying that strange woman. At last Xu Feng had to tell Ying Ning the truth…This movie is also called The House That Never Dies

Studio: Red Flower Ficture, Zhong Run Bo Na
Producer: Geng Yong
Director: Lei Zi
Writer: Zhou Yang
Starring: Wang Peiwei, He Peng, Lv Jing
Genres: #Romance, #Thriller, Horror, #Ghost

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