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Ghetto Street Workout! Bar Brothers

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BAR BROTHERS is a worldwide Family! Brothers and sisters helping each other to become the best that they can be! Calisthenics is the Workout. Street Workout is the Sport. And Bar Brothers is the Lifestyle! We are here to motivate you reach all your goals in life! All day every day! Salute! #BarBrothers
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44 thoughts on “Ghetto Street Workout! Bar Brothers

  1. Jaz sem slovenec. In vidim da veliko slavih (ex jugoslavija; balkanske države) ima workout motivacjio. #balkanija #ponosni #samojako

  2. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of bar brothers on my blog at bradleyreviews. com/bar-brothers-review/ Thanks, Federico.

  3. Bar Brothers workout. Tutorial by the bar brothers. How to correctly perform a dip and variations. Link to movement video and 12 week program>>> >

  4. It's so interesting that at 2012 this was super impressive. Now the movement has spread so far that this has become average or even below average when it comes to Street Workout/Calisthenics.

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