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GCN Unboxing: NEW fizik 2019 Cycling Shoes & Bar Tape

Si runs you through the brand new fizik range of shoes and bar tape for 2019. You’re amongst the first to see the new range and the best part is that five of you will be lucky enough to win some of their products!

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In association with fizik.

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Each winner will win a pair of shoes and three sets of bar tape – lucky you! Si talks you through the 2019 cycling shoes from fizik including the Infinito R1 Knit that you’ll have seen the likes of Geraint Thomas using at the Tour de France. He also shows off the new Tempo Powerstrap and a few others in the new range. Good looking shoes, I think we can all agree!

Fizik is also well known for their quality bar tape and the new products in this field certainly do not disappoint. There are three new categories – Vento, Tempo and Terra, each incorporating different textures and thicknesses. Good bar tape can really complete your bike and add to your overall comfort – fizik clearly had this in mind when perfecting their new range.

We hope you enjoyed our first look at the 2019 fizik range and do remember to enter via the link for your chance to win some shoes and bar tape. Let us know what your favourite product is from the 2019 range. 👇

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43 thoughts on “GCN Unboxing: NEW fizik 2019 Cycling Shoes & Bar Tape

  1. Hi. Im in the process of upgrading my road shoes (…R1 Infinito!!) and was wondering is there a noticeable gain from using carbon soles compared to the cheaper plastic composite versions?

  2. I may try out the shoes with the strap. Fizik's BoA dial is a complete PoS that breaks often. Nice that they moved one shoe away from that garbage.

  3. Hey guys, why this kind of products are made for everyone, id like to by me a bike around 1000€ , but my salary dosen't, id like to buy me this kind of shoes, but my salary dosen't? why??? , because I was born in a wrong country? it's not fair 🙁

  4. I would like to have black in black cuz I wanna buy a new roadbike and black is neutral so that is why I choose black ^^

  5. I have Fiziks as my go to shoe, not because it is cool, but because it fits my foot well, buy shoes that fit you, not by coolness.

  6. Great shoes but I reckon I'd have more chance of getting my high instep feet into the box they came in!!

  7. i`m from south korea …this is my first time to enter this GIVEAWAY ….hoping to WIN for the first time..thank you sir/mam

  8. Why oh why is there no cleat adjustment on the lower end shoes Fizik? I had to sell a pair of r3 on at a loss because although they felt like gloves on my feet I could never get the cleats in the right position. £65 Shimano shoes had loads of adjustment by comparison.

  9. Choosing a bar tape reminds me of ordering a coffee at Starbucks. Endless choices, but very confusing. I just want to ride my bike on the road after I had a simple Espresso. Which tape??????
    By the way I love those shoes (all of them)!!

  10. Wooow nice! Would be awesome to win a pair of terra x5 grey/Yellow….. Just spend all my money on a canyon inflite😇😇😇… That normally comes a the end of this month to my door…. And can't ride it without a nice pair of shoes 😂😂😂

  11. Been always looking for new cycling shoes my old ones got ruined
    Got a new bike and everything so hopefully get some new shoes to go with the bike

  12. Those Tempo Powerstrap shoes are too heavy! 499grams for a size 42. My Lake CX301 shoes weigh less than half that for size 45 (192grams)! Mine were cheaper too!

  13. The new products look absolutely gorgeous! I've been wearing the R5 for nearly 3 years and they are still holding up well. I've got a 7 day cycling event in November hopefully I'll be able to save enough money for a new pair by then 😭

  14. Building my friend a new bike and he has a tight budget, just starting out cycling. He said he doesn't want to spend more than $10 on bar tape so if I win these are definitely going to him. Love the unboxing!

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