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Garry Lyon interview | The Front Bar

21 thoughts on “Garry Lyon interview | The Front Bar

  1. Garry might not be a great friend for what he did but everyone going mental over it is crazy to me especially when people don't give Duck nearly as much and he groped a women on a Melbourne street, beat his girlfriend, left his wife for said girlfriend when she was pregnant, and was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Garry just slept with his mates ex wife, while that isnt the best "good bloke" move I reckon hes a better bloke than Duck

  2. Jesus, imagine watching this show EVER. Andy Maher: Fuckwit. Mick molloy: Fatfuck dickhead. Sam Pingpong: who?. This shit is a joke.

  3. Gary Lyon a dog of a friend that you can't trust, Bangs mates wife and buys house together. There's millions of hotties out there & he goes and ruin a mates family.

  4. I'm honestly surprised Mick Molloy has the time of day for this cunt. Let alone share a beer with him?
    Sup Mick? Sort it out.

  5. Complete wanker on the field and complete wanker off the field, didn't bother to talk about his racist abuse towards Chris Lewis or Winston Abraham? Scumbag.

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