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GAME OF THRONES Reactions at Burlington Bar S6E10 /// WINDS OF WINTER Pt 1 \

42 thoughts on “GAME OF THRONES Reactions at Burlington Bar S6E10 /// WINDS OF WINTER Pt 1 \

  1. You know you have double standards when you cheered for Cersei because she killed her own people including the innocent yet you were upset that dany killed those who were loyal for the one who killed everything she loved as a revenge!

  2. It's so weird to watch these bar scenes, where people are primed to cheer on mass murder and sadistic torture – even when it's carried out by a creature like Cersei – as long as it's done to some character they mildly dislike, lol

  3. Just wanted to drop in one last time. You guys were so awesome, but the series ended on such an a disappointing note. I don't watch the other shows you cover, but wanted to let y'all know that you were my go-to after each episode. Thanks for that. I doubt I'll be watching anymore GOT related material, the last season actually scarred me that bad. But, it's not about that. You guys were just as much a part of the fun for me and I wanted to thank you for that. Best of luck to all of you! I just wish I could still go back in time and relive it all again, but I'll never trust HBO with this franchise again.

  4. Much as I like you guys I didn't think it was funny when Margery and so many innocent died you all were clapping to much to drink I feel 😡

  5. Looking back at this now you can see the writing is already going off the rails. Scenes are too drawn out, there's too little meaningful dialogue in some of them, and a growing reliance on flashy effects.

  6. I absolutely love the music throughout this entire episode, it has such a sense of finality about, a plan that cant be stopped.

  7. I think personally I would have liked Margaerys death separate from the high sparrow, just because she is a more main character and her death seems lobbed in with all the others. But I still love the scene, I was in utter suspense, the music is terrific. Even though Cersei killed one of my favourite characters I still love her😊

  8. Imagine if someone who never watched GOT walked into a bar and became confused on why these people were cheering on the murder of an old man.

  9. that moment when you cheer seeing cersei murder their own civilian + members of the royal houses, but you are very upset when you see Dany burning King's Landing after she lost almost all because of Cersei, their loverboy and his family

  10. Well …. thanks to this video I realised just how stupid people are.
    If there were gladiator battles these days, this is the reaction people would have 10:08 … no concern what so ever about one man killing another, only anticipation and sadistic joy. Same as 2000 years ago . . .

    I'll leave it there

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