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Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E5 Part THREE!!!

25 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E5 Part THREE!!!

  1. Regardless of what your opinion of what of this episode, this Season, this show has been or grown to be, this a special little pocket of fandom and we are gonna miss it when it’s gone. Be nice. ✌️

  2. a reaçao de todo mundo quando a daenerys ta tacando fogo . de que merda eles fizeram com ela, isso nao e a daenerys

  3. 6:58 "Sandor……Thank you"… It still brings a bit of an odd feeling in my throat. Great scene! Dibs to Rory McCann and Maisy Williams, simple as this was: 3 words….. They were heard in an echo of 8 seasons……Alli can say is… well the same really: Sandor…. Thank you!

  4. Death of Cersei’s baby is only her fault. She needed to bend the knee until she had a chance. She thought only about herself. As always. Why this people are crying for her? Just why?
    She knew what was next. She couldn’t destroy Dany. Westeros never won soth Dragons. Nobody has a chances with dragon and everyone knows it in Westeros. Everyone. Cersei killed her own baby and herself. And it’s only her fault.

  5. The last scene showed (the audience) impressively what war was about: casualties. In WW2 for every dead soldier there were two dead civilian…

  6. So glad GRRM called out these childish petulant brat of a fanbase throwing hissy fits cause they didnt get their cliche predictable "good guy wins" simple minded linear Y/A fanfic meets Marvel Comics superhero fantasy ending. It's the height of toxic spoiled bratiness of not getting what you wanted. Glad to know such a brilliant mind like GRRM feels the exact same way as me

  7. I do not know why people get sad at the death of Cersei, It was satisfying, she is just as hateful as Daenerys. I feel very sad for the death of Jaime.

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