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Friend or stranger? Has this ever happened to you in a bar?

One Saturday in a bar, we set out to see if we could convince five strangers we were old friends… just using information anyone could find online.
To see if your personal information could be putting you at risk of identity fraud, go to

And to join other people in Britain in defeating identity fraud, visit The People’s ID Bot Project on Facebook:

Could we convince five strangers in a bar we knew them? Watch the video to find out


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34 thoughts on “Friend or stranger? Has this ever happened to you in a bar?

  1. Yes, but it would be perfectly easy for a plausible and attractive actor to get all that information from a stranger at a bar in random conversation – or even at the doorstep. I do it all the time: and get paid to do it quite legally.

  2. Information about you is everywhere – if you don't want everyone to know what you do (past or future) then don't make your posts public on social media! #onlineprivacy   #ns  

  3. Half the stuff I post online is complete bullshit.  I want to see someone try this on me. "Remember that time you fingerbanged a pygmy goat at the petting zoo? Good times, man. Good times."

  4. Oh dear. Are these people supposed to be clever? Evidently they think they are. But I'm not on Facebook. So wanna try that infantile-level of 'technical know-how' on me? Thought not. Oh and look a convenient way for Experian, who admittedly are experts at stealing your personal data then having the audacity to demand money for you to actually view it, to try and fleece you for even MORE money.

  5. Oh no, people might find out where I went to university, what jobs I had and the things that interest me! Old friends might be able to find me and see how I'm doing now! Prospective employers might be able to get a decent idea of what I'm like to work with! People that don't know me at all but are just looking for a friend with similar interests who they can't find in their regular life might be able to see that I am a person with similar interests!

    And the worst thing is that now I'm writing with too many exclamation marks.

  6. REALLY??? THIS video is what has you guys JUST NOW second-guessing ppl who say they know you, but YOU don't remember THEM??
    If THIS VIDEO, in 2014, is the FIRST/ONLY thing that did that for you??! The thing that made you want to stop putting your own azz on full display??? Then you can admit now that you are an opportunist.
    It's amazing how vulnerable opportunists are to OTHER opportunists and then they act all shocked&amazed when the opportunists behaves in EXACTLY THE WAY that it is WELL WITHIN opportunistic character (or lack thereof) to behave.

    **Kinda like chicks who repeatedly put their T&A on broadway & THEN feel like pervs are making disrespectful comments when they mention said displayed T&A -_-
    **Or kinda like chicks who, in the name of "expressing their sexual freedom", tell you that you are a prude and that they can do whatEVER they want to express their Womanhood (lol), as if they have NO IDEA that predators are making note that they are an easy target, smh.
    **Or kinda like riri/breezy/lindsey/minaj/miley/rozay/bieber/etc.etc. fans & other fans of shit people & self-proclaimed "guru"s, "artists" &/or actors & then act shocked&amazed when they do something wretched that is completely WITHIN the character they've ALWAYS SHOWN– a lack of character that you CHOSE to ignore because they looked a certain way &/or because they have a talent you enjoy, or because they were/are "popular" (I refuse to call them celebrities).
    I should've known though. This IS the land of the bandwagoners & misparented phukks who build an internet "fan base" founded on bullshyt, & relationships built on same bullshyt, after all.

    Choose the ppl in your life more wisely, misparented sheeple. Instead of pointing the finger at ppl for being "judgmental", why don't YOU start judging more wisely and on MORAL grounds rather than on what someone looks like, who they know, what they wear, how much money they make, their social status, material possessions, physique, or popularity. Stop being phukking shallow. And get some BALANCE in your life. That will eliminate some of your issue. Stop ATTRACTING&ENGAGING bullshit & bullshit people. Or if you prefer to deny YOUR ROLE in the CHOICES of ppl you attract/engage/enable/support, you have that option too–but when that's the case, u don't have a chance ANYway because nothing will change for you. Toodles.

  7. The thing is, if someone comes up to you with all of this information, you'd doubt yourself and think you'd just forgotten that you'd met them…scary stuff.

  8. this wouldn't work on me. I have absolutely no friends and spend all my time watching videos of people trying to convince strangers that they know each other

  9. Glad to say that this couldn't happen to me. I don't post my day-to-day play-by-play on the internet, and I have more than one email address each used for the proper situation. The address I'd put down in that book isn't listed on any social site, it's the address I use solely for applying for things on paper and some sites, all it receives is promotional emails and junk.

    Just a mild precaution.

  10. has no one noticed the irony that all the information on Facebook that these cats have used is then made available to them by you linking and joining their Facebook page? so who knows where the information that is then taken from there ends up.. scary… eek!!

  11. Everyone shares way too much on social media.  Their worlds will collapse if someone takes just a little time to study it, and question their real friends.

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