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Folic Acid and Pregnancy | Is Folic Acid the Right Choice?

Planning a pregnancy? Already pregnant? Have MTHFR? This is for you:


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Folic acid during pregnancy is commonly recommended.

Dr Lynch has done the research and understands why folic acid should not be used during pregnancy.

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Folic acid is recommended during pregnancy to reduce neural tube defects.

However, neural tube defects are not caused by a folic acid deficiency.

Why are we supporting pregnancy with folic acid if neural tube defects are instead caused by:
– defects in folate metabolism
– methylation deficiency
– lack of natural folate (not synthetic folic acid)

Instead, reduce the risk of neural tube defects and optimize your pregnancy by:
– supporting methylation
– supporting with the active forms of folate
– replenishing nutritional deficiencies

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39 thoughts on “Folic Acid and Pregnancy | Is Folic Acid the Right Choice?

  1. Has anyone taken methylfolate and had a healthy baby? I’m just asking because I’m considering switching to methylfolate but it’s risky because I don’t know anyone else that has done it.

  2. Hi Doctor, I only take 6 capsules of your brand SH Optimal Prenatal so my gynaec suggested to take 1000 mcg of Folate. Would it be too much Folate? I am also taking DHA (830 mg) and SH Optimal Iron Plus Cofactors.

  3. You are talking about people with genetic problems not all people. You are talking about people in US not all people!! Is not dangerous thing to take folic acid…is not helping people with genetic problems, which is a big difference!

  4. Hello Dr Lynch! Can you give me advice or explanation please?
    My wife took FA 5mg and lowered homocysteine from 12 to 8.6. After this she started to take L-methylfolate 200 mcg together with FA 5 mg and after 20 days here homocysteine rised up to 11. My question is how this can be explained and how the unmetabolized FA can now be escaped from body?
    Currently her doctor prescribed L-methylfolate 800 mcg per day but we worry about excess of FA in body.
    Thank you!

  5. he is totally wrong as a medical student its is important to use folic acid for further study read first aid usmle 2018 page 596

  6. Thank you Dr for your details presentation. I was taking Folic acid and is it safe now to stop it? Since i am on my first trimester.

  7. 27 years ago my first son was born with Spina Bifida.
    I took the recommended amount of folic acid before and during my next pregnancy, and my next son developed Autism.

    I think folic acid fortification/supplementation is a trigger for Autism. He also reacted badly to the MMR. I also reacted very badly to the rubella vaccine 30 years ago. It gave me rubella.

    I wish I had known this back then. I do poorly on processed foods, I think because of fortification and pesticide residues, artificial food colorings like AZO dyes, and artificial preservatives.

    If you don't like salad, make fresh pressed organic green juice and drink it.

    Green juice recipe:
    Swiss chard
    Green apple
    Red cabbage (small wedge)
    Romaine lettuce
    Bib or red lettuce
    Beet tops
    1/4 green bell pepper

  8. My prenatal says it has Vitamin b9 and then it is written 400qm folic acid and 400qm methylfolat. So I guess it isnt totally bad bud it does also have Iron and makes me nauseous :/

  9. Hi sir iam 24 year old iam trying to pregnant doctor sajest me to take folic acid 30 day if iam in periods I can use folice acids sir

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