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Flir One Review

49 thoughts on “Flir One Review

  1. It is interesting to see  images of your face and other items within the room,  however, I am sure that most people would like to see how well it works to see "details", yes "detail" of what is within a standard drywall, 2X4 wall.

  2. Can you use IR images of rooms to determine the heating and cooling loads for a house, in order to size the heat/cool system?

  3. Cheap hack. Removing the combined IR fliter + polarizer inside any camera then adding an IR pass filter made from a cutout in floppy disk or unused film would be close to the FlIR One IR camera. Except you still need faint ambient lightning and video will be grayscale. Would not work in complete darkness unless you also use IR light. Also app might not be available to convert grayscale picture to temperature color shades.

  4. It may seem like a toy to some people but to me it looks like a great security device.. Walk outside at night and look around when the dog is barking.

  5. I wonder if the battery is user replaceable? If not, it's pretty much a disposable commodity especially if it only gets occasional use which, I expect, is how most consumers would use it. I'd also like to see its outdoor performance. What sort of range can be expected before, say, a cat fades into the background.

  6. I'm thinking "THAT is gonna be HELL on my charging port to have all that weight and leverage hanging off of your phone! I would insist on some kind of phone ridgid case MADE to both devices connected together

  7. Can this be used to give reliably accurate temperature readings from a plastics injection mold and from a freshly molded plastic part itself ? Mold temperature measurement plays an important role in defect analysis and i was wondering if we could use F1 for the job ? Pls suggest.

  8. You can use it to identify pipes under your floor, in your walls, see where your house is losing heat, measure temperatures fairly accurately at a distance.

    Professional electricians, plumbers and builders often invest in one for professional use.

  9. Absolutely a worthless review….You would think a guy that does this often would understand how to do a proper review. Scanning his set doesnt tell or show us anything. Turn lights off or even better get your crack out of the chair and go outside in low light and then show us how the F-1 works….Common sense would really come in handy at some point….

  10. People aren't aware of an app for iOS called NovaVision. I bought it from the App Store for about $3. It is only for the flir one. What you need is a Vr headset for your phone and a charger extension for your phone. What this will do is let you use your phone on the NovaVision app while using the flir camera in the be headset. The app doesn't allow msx ,which uses two images and converts it to one, but it enhances the thermal picture. I stuck a strip of Velcro on the back side of the flir one and another strip on the be headset for a hands free experience. It's really cool and I recommend getting the app and a pair of vr goggles.

  11. its Jan 2017. Is there a new model out? I wanted to get one step up and get one that is its own unit without using a phone. I am a beekeeper and need it to see heat etc in like bees in walls. Appreciate suggestions. thanks!!!!

  12. I bought the Flir One and this is what I found:
    Its really cool and one thing not mentioned in the DIY list is Ghost Hunting!
    OK seriously. The FLIR One needs more time on the R&D bench.

    That cool safety cover that it comes with has to be removed when charging. Why would you not want to protect the camera when you leave it charging? A couple well-placed holes fixes the problem.

    On the subject of protective covers: it is necessary to remove the cover from your phone when connecting the FLIR One. Even a super slim phone case will be enough to prevent connection. So be very careful when you're out playing commando with your new device all commando. A little R&D could have identified the need to provide little extension plugs that could be used with even Otter boxes.

    On the subject of little extension plugs: You will find that if you were to walk around while scanning with your thermal phone that the camera is pointing directly at the floor. If you want to scan at say, eye level, you will have to hold the phone up at eye level, looking like a dork. Of course you will be a cool thermal device camera phone dork, but a dork none-the-less. A little more R&D could have identified the need for a tilting extension plug. Allowing for a little more stealth in your scanning abilities.
    Better yet: Where is my optional extension wire that allows me to keep my phone in my pocket and my FLIR camera attached to my rock-climbing hands-free tilting headlamp headgear. See that! A little more R&D and you've identified a whole new market waiting to be explored. Somebody hire me. Please!

  13. One application is looking for floor heating before drilling so you don't hit the heating element in the floor 🙂

  14. 350 mA-h
    FLIR ONE neither consumes power from the connected device battery, nor charges it. When inactive, FLIR automatically switches to low-power mode to maximize its battery life.

  15. have you tested a lightning to micro usb adapter? if the device is identical and just the port changes, you could use iphone to android and vice versa. a micro usb to micro usb female would solve orientation issues in android as well.

  16. I have the FLIR One on my iPhone 5. Everything is great about it. The only thing I don't like is that it is not a Recon V.

  17. Flir One not worth the money. Unless you already have a compatible phone
    the phones that are compatible are $600 up .. the tables are $400 up plus $250 for flir one and tax. Better off to buy the flir camera for $600. I'm returning my flir one.

  18. Something to take in account before buy, is than your smartphone shouldn't be blocked USB terminal device connection, like Huawei P8 Lite, because Flir one will not be detected and there is no easy way to change this setting cause need to root the phone or modify the kernel. Bye!!

  19. I recently purchased a Flir One for my Android phone… In the literature I read on the Flir one it says you can download or share photos and video files… I downloaded the users manual and it doesn't give a clear path to transfer or share your videos. After spending an hour on the phone with Flir One… I found out the camera will not automatically transfer or save files to your camera… I ask if there was another way to transfer the file or video to my laptop and they said they dont know…Flir One mis represents this their products so I wouldnt recommend buying this product

  20. thank you so much for making this video review. I am an equine physiotherapist and I have been reading a lot on the benefits of thermal imaging to help pinpoint areas of pain in the body. Incredibly exciting and helpful. Because of your review I am done deciding and am going to home depot tonight. Thank you again!!

  21. good review but could have been much better ,if you ,the table and the background were not black .Kind of hard to see the black Flir

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