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Fix For iTunes Not Detecting iPhone iPad And iPod On Windows 10

This tutorial will teach you how to fix the issue that your iOS device iPhone iPad and iPod touch is not being detected by iTunes on PC with Windows 8 or 10

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39 thoughts on “Fix For iTunes Not Detecting iPhone iPad And iPod On Windows 10

  1. If anyone is still struggling to get this to work, the only reason why mine wasn’t working was because I hadn’t updated my computer. Hope that helps.

  2. whoever still has this issue, in order to fix it besides obv to have the latest versions of ifunbox and itunes (appsync in cydia too) u should download it from apple site instead of microsoft, dont know why but after 1-2 hours of searching and trying i finally got it to recognize my device. ante geia!

  3. If you’re on a Mac, just go to the apple website and download the newest version of iTunes for the Mac. DO IT EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION! Then when you’re installing it, a pop up tells you you need additional software to recognise your iPhone. Download that simultaneously (be patient) and you should be good to go!

  4. I have Connected my Device to The PC but It's not Showing apple I phone or Anything related to that Under Devices and printers…(WHAT TO DO NOW?)

    had to find a solution cause I had updated recently my phone and itunes on my windows 10 laptop. now it is detected.

  6. If your iTunes not detecting iPhone then call us on toll-free number 1-844-312-7484 to resolve all your iTunes, iPhone Related issues.

  7. when u get to the part where it said update driver just click uninstall then unplug your device then plug it back in then it should reinstall correctly

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