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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

Fit For An Autopsy bring their brutal deathcore to The K! Pit in Brooklyn, New York, for an intimate gathering at a tiny dive bar called The Gutter.

Fit For An Autopsy’s new album, The Sea of Tragic Beasts, is out October 25 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Producer: Cat Jones
Camera: Frank Huang, Rob Menzer, Jacob Quesenberry
Edit: Frank Huang
Live sound: Jeff Filmer
Mix: Will Putney and Geo Hewitt @ Graphic Nature Audio

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38 thoughts on “FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

  1. you should find someone, who will look at you like dude with glasses looks at Joe. GREAT ALBUM, MATES! AVE FFAA!

  2. those fucking cunts on the pit ruining the show for the ones that just want to watch and not get fucking hit in the back while headbanging should be banned from these tiny shows
    seriously in 2016 Iron maiden played with anthrax in brazil and i just wanted to see the goddamn show without being pushed around while not even being in the pit
    then i just had to push the fucker and he hit the head on the ground and went to sleep losing the entire show
    i even said sorry to him at the exit against my will bc of my friends
    god how i hate these ppl

  3. This is easily one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen, and holy fuck what a setup to be RIGHT THERE feeling the actual breath of those powerful vocals blowing across your head….WOW. Best show of 2019 on YT in my opinion.

  4. I've seen them live twice and they always play this tight. SOTB has been my most anticipated album of the year. Can't wait to listen!

  5. I love how Will Putney wasn't playing live, but he mixed the live audio…. so in a way he kinda was performing with the band???

  6. I was waiting for this video to be posted! Unreal! Love these guys. And Joe's vocals are easily one of my favourites. So controlled and so clear 🤘🤘

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