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Finding Yourself Through Failure with Stefi Cohen | Burden of the Bar

By sharing her personal story in “Burden of the Bar,” Stef Cohen shows us the importance of listening to your inner voice and understanding how to balance the different loads that weigh on your body and spirit. But the most important takeaway may be this—that failure, seen by most as a negative thing, can actually be a positive force that can propel you toward greatness. For Stef, understanding failure, and even embracing it, brought her what she has today: a World Record, a doctorate degree, and a successful business. For more of Stef’s “Burden of the Bar” check out the photos, blogs and other great, personal content at

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28 thoughts on “Finding Yourself Through Failure with Stefi Cohen | Burden of the Bar

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  2. Stefi you are one amazing woman! Congratulations on all your success in life you definitely deserve it. You are an inspiration to so many! 💪🏋️‍♀️

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