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Failing Out Of Kindergarten. Dennis Regan – Full Special

If you think failing out of kindergarten is hard, you haven’t met Dennis Regan yet! We hope you enjoy this full comedy special from Dennis Regan filmed live at Dry Bar Comedy. If you would like to see more comedy specials, they are available for free right now on the Dry Bar Comedy App, available on all iOS and Android devices.


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27 thoughts on “Failing Out Of Kindergarten. Dennis Regan – Full Special

  1. This guy is a trip. His delivery is amazing. Whenever he leads into a particularly funny joke and his voice cracks because he's trying not to make himself laugh. This guy's pure gold.

  2. He misunderstood his brother. 12 year old boys got pregnant from EATING comic books! That's why they changed to that new ink that rubs off! Now they get pregnant from holding the receipt!

  3. Hey! You are so incredibly bright and funny! This was a blast. I see big things in your future! Hysterical!😂🤩🥰👍❣

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