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ETM-050 Lunch At Georges Bar – Escaping The Mouse

36 thoughts on “ETM-050 Lunch At Georges Bar – Escaping The Mouse

  1. What’s better than Chicken Fried Steak ? anyone ever have Chicken Fried Ribeye ? Awesome with garlic mashed potatoes!

  2. i like whit gravy i have not eat chicken fr stake long time food look very good have you eat the hot hamber??i like white gravy on top 🙂

  3. They say everything is bigger in Texas, TVs too I guess😂😂. The beer looked refreshing. Food looks great. Great review, Breck!! Much love❤❤

  4. Catching up on vlogs here. Great food review Breck. Hope all is well. Thanks again. Arthur Childs, Oak Harbor, WA. 🙂

  5. I am impressed! Very nice review of an outstanding rest/bar. One of those that give back to the community. Btw, the food looked good as well

  6. Hi Breck. Hope your parents are doing well. The food and beer look delicious!
    Can I give you a friendly tip? Look at the screen while you're vlogging instead of the camera itself. It kinda seems like youre looking at something besides us. Lol. Other than that, your channel is one of my favs here on yt. I hope you have a great day. 😁

  7. You enjoy meat and carbs! Looked really tasty but I'd have to order veggies of some sort. Be great to go when there's a game on!

  8. That place is jumping at the bar section!! The food looked good and I like to dip my food into the gravy or sauces!! I always enjoy your reviews!! Thank Breck!!

  9. Hello Breck.  Glad you tried George's.  It is very much a local favorite.  The mural on the side that you saw was a quirky one that is a display of some famous George's in history according to the owner.  Great vlog as always.

  10. Breck, you did it again! That Chicken fried Steak made me want to go out and find a place that has it here in Minnesota!!!! You made an excellent choice!! If I lived in Waco, I would probably gain so much weight, there wouldn't be room for me in TEXAS!!! Thanks for taking us to lunch!!! Yumm!!!!

  11. That's the best way to enjoy a beer. Cheers to that ! That's the biggest chicken fried steak I've ever seen. I can see why they're busy.

  12. Looked look, great vlog, been to the South for years, never had the cfs- mac n cheese looks great! That beer looked great! Ty for taking us along…

  13. Great Meal, Breck! We call the ‘Sauce’ Gravy’ or some call it ‘Cream Gravy’.. Always get as much as I can all over my Chicken Fried Steak! Can’t ever have to much Gravy! Also dip my Roll in my Mashed Potatoes and then into the Gravy and eat it.. YUM!

  14. Yum! It all looked so tasty! Yeah the noise level for sports bar areas is typically noisy, but we could hear you pretty good!

  15. Didn't think the chicken looked very nice.just my opinion. But I know sometimes things taste better than they look.glad you enjoyed it.

  16. I'm a southerner but never got the country fried steak (or grits) bug. Gravy, on the other hand, steak, taters AND ice cold beer? Yeah, baby! Where's the biscuits?

  17. That food looked so awesome. And the cold frosty beer was the tops. Looked like a #1 hit to me. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  18. The chicken fried steak didn't look anything like what I was expecting it to be, but probably was even better than I was imagining. Yes I'm hungry lol … looking forward to my lunchbreak here in Brisbane. Reckon the slushy-type beer would be extremely popular in summer here too. Glad you asked for your roll too – good on ya! Cheers!

  19. Looks like a great place to have some food and drinks. Nice cold beer!! So refreshing! I love chicken fried steak. Thanks for taking us along!

  20. Great vlog. Your lunch looked good. I love the idea of having the gravy on the side. Sometimes they pour so much gravy on the steak that you barely get to taste the meat. I love an ice cold Sam Adams too. What a popular place it is. Thank you for taking us along with you. Take Care.

  21. I love a good chicken fried steak although I don't eat it too much anymore. That looked like really good chicken fried steak. Looks like a fun place too. Thank you for the review, great vlog Breck.😃

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