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Ek Bar Mooskura Do (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Joy Mukherjee -Tanuja – Deb Mukherjee – 70’s Hit Movie

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Dilip and Mala shared the same dream of living together. But the wheels of fate changed the tide. Mala’s father laid a condition on Dilip to be rich like them. Dilip takes it up as a challenge. Having earned the required fame and wealth to win over Mala he returns but to his dismay she is already married to his own best friend. But certain events bring Mala and Dilip together in a guest house. Old memories re kindle the spark of love and he pleads Mala to be bold enough and break the matrimony bonds. Will both reunite again? Watch the full movie.

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8 thoughts on “Ek Bar Mooskura Do (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Joy Mukherjee -Tanuja – Deb Mukherjee – 70’s Hit Movie

  1. A complete family film by Mukherjee and Samarth. Produced by Shomu Mukherji (Kajol's father), leading lady Tanuja (Kajol's mother), Directed by Ram Mukherji (Rani Mukherjee's father), Shobana Samarath (Kajol's maternal grandmother), Joy Mukherjee (Kajol, Rani and Ayan's paternal uncle) and Deb Mukherjee (Ayan Mukherjee's father).

  2. Tanuja is fresh looking . One of her few sober roles in movies . usually shes prancing and bubbly. Her mother Shobana too comes for a few minutes . Deb tries to imitate shammi kapoor . nice family movie .

  3. This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen
    In whole movie 3 songs are good but story is great

    Mot aya to din phiran galib
    Zindagi na to mar dala ha

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