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EHRLING – Nu Lounge Bar Music 2019 – Top Saxophone Cover On Youtube 2019

EHRLING – Nu Lounge Bar Music 2019 – Top Saxophone Cover On Youtube 2019

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If I was a doctor (and I am) I would prescribe to the world a lot more sax and a lot more love.

Come on, let’s relax for awhile and listen to some beautiful and romantic music. Let’s drink some wine and open a window and listen to the rain and the wind. Let’s gaze into the eyes of the ones we love and really feel it, feel that feeling in your heart that makes you happy and whole and true and lovely. Let’s take a deep breath and be here now, right now, in this moment where everything is just right.

That’s my mission and my calling and my blessing and my pledge to you – to bring you music and video that soothes the soul and relaxes the heart.



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