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Eetharam Nehru Full Length Telugu Movie || Krishna, Prema, Suman

Eetharam Nehru Telugu Full Movie. Watch ” Ee Taram Nehru ” Telugu Movie Online starring Superstar Krishna, Prema, Suman, Suresh and Naresh directed by Siva Nagu produced by Narra Renuka Chowdary.

Eetharam Nehru Krishna is a good Samaritan wandering the streets, with his machine gun toting body guards. His primary aim is to rid the city of ISI moles and the baddies. And so we see the swinging Krishna accompanied by his four bodyguards saving State ministers, police officers’ sons, and even police officers, not to talk of the common man, from the bomb fury unleashed by the ISI activists. He is so immersed in his activities that he has no time to fall in love with Prema, who is after him for God-knows-how-many years. Then there is Suman, the SP who is hellbent on restoring law and order by putting all the bad guys behind bars. And in this act he comes into conflict with Krishna, since Suman refuses to allow anyone barring the police to take law into his hands. Despite this, they have a point of convergence, and that is the ISI. But since that is the exclusive prerogative of Krishna, Suman clashes with the henchmen of Rami Reddy, the local don. Rest of the story you can see in the movie.


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