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Edifier M1380 PC Speakers Unboxing & Sound Test

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This 2.1 speaker system can help you to get the very best sound from your PC. Comprising of two 8W satellite speakers that are matched with the subwoofer for great sound quality, you can expect clear and rich tones from the M1380.

The 12W subwoofer is encased in MDF with a front bass reflex port that helps to deliver great audio.


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20 thoughts on “Edifier M1380 PC Speakers Unboxing & Sound Test

  1. There have been working for me for 3.5 years now. Decent
    speaker, volume control is cool. There is one minor defect with the
    headphone socket, though. Sometimes, when you plug the jack out, one of
    the speakers, usually the right one, won't play at full volume. What you
    have to do, then, is plug the headphone jack in and out once or a few
    times until the volume is normal again.

  2. M8 Your so smart iT Jay sound god for you but one we have different speakers that were listining to and YouTube compresses THE qaulity

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