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Drinking with a Thai Bar Girl Pattaya // Thank Bar, Buakhao

48 thoughts on “Drinking with a Thai Bar Girl Pattaya // Thank Bar, Buakhao

  1. Pattaya has been a destination for young blokes for over 50 years to make as many stupid decisions as their budget and stamina allow.Sadly livestreaming is the new real time, unfiltered warts and all judge, jury and executioner.

  2. Fatty got above his station and now I hope he has fucked himself up. Have not kept up with it all as it was shit and boring but I am keen to learn where the fat low life slob is now and why he disappeared sharply????

  3. I don't know why you were being a jerk to Cheap Charlie and doxed him on your stream. Then the next day you showed up during his stream and you had to unmod people and block Lewis Cabo. That's just stupid. Lewis Cabo gave you all those donations for lady drinks that you just pocketed.

    I really liked your original videos when you were first starting, but now you are just acting like a loser. If that's your true personality, I'm glad you got your VISA revoked.

  4. Are you held in detention Tom?
    Were you deported?
    Did nirvana and mana go to the police ?
    Give us a pulse,
    They say you are a 108 kilo bully but I don’t buy it

  5. Barfines has a cracking all-night live stream and guess what?? Charlie does exactly the same thing the following night. #envious #sly #hypocritical #fake

  6. Any news on the lad?
    Last I saw, was him on Charlie's stream at Sexy Bar around 7am Thai time, not looking like a chap about to fly to Bangladesh.

  7. Hey mate. kept doing what you do and do not worry about these people think or comment on. Your content is great and keep it up brother.

  8. Everyone hates this guy now. Came on the scene thinking he was all this and that and exposed himself as pedophile. Fake ED visa now, running from the police after a Thai citizen made a genuine complaint against him. Possibly for kiddie fiddling.

  9. Well done dickheads … now Toms gone to Bangladesh to make tracksuits . Now I’ll have to watch Eastenders !!! Ffs 😡. Is this the end of MLGA !!!

  10. Not easy using the bum gun when you have a track pants, why don’t you show your legs, you might be putting street cleaner to shame

  11. Live streams are fine, BUT, would rather see the girls and surrounds than you all the time. No offence man, but the girls are better looking.

  12. I enjoy toms videos. Some of the blokes at defactos are hilarious. Couldn't do the month long stays and vlogging n shit myself. The weather is shit on a daily basis and a lot of those places look like a firebomb of drama and nonsense to hang out and deal with. But they're quite enjoyable to watch from home. Good luck to Tom and Defactos as well…Cheers

  13. LMAO, Fat Ugly as fuk UK pig-man …. why am i not surprised to find this video under Thai ~ just give them your money sad fool so they can go buy their BF something nice xD

  14. Tom why are you wearing all those stupid little wristbands? They are so first time Thailand now don't be a silly big donkey and cut them off

  15. Yo Tom B Y needs unbanned I banned him by accident when a ton of spam was filling the chat and I was trying to sort it out.

  16. I think Leeds is the best down to earth livestream wing man we have seen so far – the only guy who doesn’t try and act like an expert and doesn’t ebeg for his barbill to be paid –

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