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DRIFT TRUCK Gets a MAJOR Suspension Upgrade – Custom Panhard Bar

Today we fabricate a new THICK panhard bar for the Drift Truck!

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40 thoughts on “DRIFT TRUCK Gets a MAJOR Suspension Upgrade – Custom Panhard Bar

  1. I came from the video of you drifting the open diff rx7 and messing up but you just accepted it and said you need to learn I respect that. I think you got a subscriber.

  2. Another fabrication tool that would help out a lot would be a metal cutting bandsaw. No more cutting metal with the deathwheel and much cleaner cuts

  3. HEEEEYY!!!! Bridge engineering 101: Solid columns are used for tensile (pulling, bending twisting ) forces. Pipes are only strong when used for compression forces.

  4. Please get a ballpean hammer, for the sake of people who do fabrication work, and fyi a 16oz is good for nothing, aka it may as well be your framing hammer

  5. Might i say. It has been 7 hours after you posted this video and I'm not watching this. I went to his channel and he already has 5.18k sub's already.

  6. Would love to also see some visual mods to the truck, and the bent antenna is triggering me ahah, get something better or put the antenna somewere else :b

  7. You should have ground a 45 degree bevel into the rod and done a minimum of 3 rosebud welds. Your fabrications skills need serious improvement.

  8. I noticed that you don't preheat your joints before you start tig welding… which would explain why your beads aren't as good as they can be.

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