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Dota 2 Don't drop your items (Eul's Scepter) – VP vs coL

26 thoughts on “Dota 2 Don't drop your items (Eul's Scepter) – VP vs coL

  1. This stupid move of Storm was probably worth my lost arcana bet. After this game I don't bet anymore on anyone. Fuck this.

  2. Valuable 21mana. Seriously, I can get when someone drops for a bottle or arcane. But for a soul ring is just cheeky and plain stupid.

  3. All of those clip pictures, do you have any links for me to DL it, or its just officially for you guys? I really love the art ! I WANT it as a Desktop Wallpaper, please let me have some 🙁

  4. Only time I put my shit on the ground is when I'm changing my arcane boots into a soul booster and even then I hate doing it, wish there was an easier way and know I'm going to get burned one of these days.

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