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Dominique A – Le Twenty-two bar

44 thoughts on “Dominique A – Le Twenty-two bar

  1. Envie de réécouter cette chanson qui m'a fait connaitre Dominique A et suite à un excellent concert vu hier à la Comédie de Reims

  2. Vu en ouverture de la tournée de printemps à La Rochelle ce samedi.
    Il ne manquait que François Brrr sur ce rappel… et le courage des oiseaux qui a suivi était ENORME.

  3. Discovered this song with Renan Luce and thi godd version makes me want to listen the first version of this ^^ And i love both versions ^^

  4. Woa… I still remember the first time I listened this song. Well, no, I'm lying. But I remember the way I felt when I listened 20 bar for one simple reason: that feeling is still with me. I realized that art can be fun, both things can be at the same space and time. I know it sounds simple, but in that time it was a discover to me.

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