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  1. Thanks for the amazing ideas.. this is a beautiful festive set… love the inspiration it gives me.. I hope your pepper is feeling better Bethany 🧡

  2. Your hot cocoa bar is wonderful! So bright & cheerful! The milk jar is the cutest!
    Hope Pepper is feeling better! Might be some new scent you've put out with your Christmas decorations!

  3. Just for your information… my dog started doing that a few years ago. Took hom to three vet. Nothing. Did some research on the internet and found out that only dogs have reverse hiccups. Sometimes the get them when the want attention or if they are jealous. Nothing to worry about, cause my dog stops as soon as I pick him up and let him. See if that's what's happening. Just my two sense.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your Hot Cocoa Bar!
    My DT doesn't have some of the cute things you have but I love your idea!
    Thanks for sharing sweetie! 🙂

  5. Very very nice and I really appreciate the tip about the milk. I don't think I would have even thought of the glue or the caulking that's great! And I really love your little hot chocolate milk station. See you again real soon.

  6. BEST COCOA BAR I have seen, Bethany!😅😆😎😲 It is perfectly joyful and sweet. 💜💖😙 Don't worry about the marshmallows getting hard, because they are just going to melt into the cocoa anyway, you know, LOL! 🎄🌟🎁😎 Perfect for Christmas gatherings with family and friends this year, too. 💜💖😙 Prayers for Pepper.

  7. Hi Bethany I’m a new subscriber… love your vids, ideas, and super cute persona. I was just wondering since I’m new and all if you have any videos that include how you hang your signs in your hot cocoa/ coffee bar without using nails. I’ve been having a hard time with command strips and though they claim they don’t ruin your paint. For me it TOTALLY does. And I suck at hanging things using nails etc etc. Heeellppp lol

  8. Oh lil dollar tree doesn't have a craft conner it has a few crafts but nothing like you find!! i wish i could find these without ordering a whole box.I wish they would get them in I have been looking since you found them…..

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