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Does Reading Help You SPEAK English? 📚

Does Reading Help You Speak English? Find out how to SUPERCHARGE your English practice ⚡️⚡️⚡️with Audible! Get your first book FREE!
Reading regularly will help improve your English language skills by expanding your vocabulary, showing you how to use grammatical structures correctly – and of course, take you into the magical wonderland of stories!

Regular reading DEFINITELY helps you to become a better speaker, to understand more in English conversations; and to improve your writing skills.

Do you love reading? Or is reading not really your cup of tea?

Get them here:

What books are you reading now?

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Happy International Women’s Day to all my incredible female students. Your dedication, enthusiasm, persistence and commitment to bettering yourselves helps me to show up here for you each week. You are amazing 👭#iwd #iwd2019

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49 thoughts on “Does Reading Help You SPEAK English? 📚

  1. I put this video on 2.0 speed, and I could understand everything you said. HAHAHA! Well, I'm reading some books. I've already read the giver, the curious incident of the dog in the night time, the perks of being a wallflower, harry potter books, etc. The more I read easier it gets, and I've been noticing an improvement in my vocabulary and understanding. Sometimes I forget that I'm reading in English, it becomes so easy that it seems Portuguese. Some people say that to be able to speak, we should speak, and they're right. But to speak English, we only need two things: put the words in the correct order and pronounce them right. In other words, if you're a person who has read a lot of books, one day you will start to think automatically in English, some times the sentences will stick in your mind. By this point, if you can understand English, I'm sure that you are capable of speaking English. I make many mistakes, but I can speak and transmit my thoughts without trouble.

  2. A couple months ago I've found this significant video , and I started to ask my self why not trying , so I started reading books and i took all of your previous advises it really helped me I've improved myself and now reading is much enjoyable , so I came back here again just to say thanks

  3. I've just read the one book thru my entire life as I'm not fond of reading books but once i happened to be in the library with my friend and i came to know about one scrumptious book – steve jobs by Walter Isaacson. Oh man!! Killin' it! Those words! That man! That life! You just can't miss it fellas. I got extremely fascinated By that book. by the way i used to be poor in English and i just shifted my self to Melbourne 2 years ago! It's nice. I'm likin' it by the day. 😍😎

    And yeah, let's put another shrimp on the Barbie ! I've just learnt that slang here..

  4. English language is like the sea ,it is full of jewelrys and it is very deep and sound. We must learn how to catch the most valuable 💎💎💍👑💓💕💕💕💕💕

  5. When I first started to learn English I was eleven.I was playful and loved to watch films for kids.I was really fond of watching the film named "Matilda".It was translated into Uzbek,I mean into my native language.Then one day I saw that book in the library in English.I can't describe my feelings at that time.I read the book with great interest.Even my level was elementary and there were many new,difficult tenses and words for me I could understand the whole book.Because I started reading English books earlier and already watched the FILM .
    There was reading marathon in our language centre.So I tried to do my best.
    As you've just said reading can help us to improve our language skills dramatically.I absolutely agree with you ☺

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  7. You are a good teacher💜and Thank you for your efforts. The book that I recommend to beginners is rich dad poor dad. RESPECT AND LOVE from Morocco🙌

  8. Hi Emma! Surely reading is one of the best method to improve any language, but english language is a little bit different from many other languages.To avoid pronunciation.s mistakes , i think that using audiobooks are better.Thanks

  9. Mmm english, 😍😍😍😍
    Hai everyone, try to choose up to you, and not everybody Taste's same either.
    As my side I would like to Read about sports, that's how I can spend long time for it, nor I woudnnt able sit for long..

  10. I recommend read a book that you have already read before in your native language. It is good because you already know the history and make you assimilate easier the context of those bunch of new words in English, as well as you can easily associate some words from the English book version with the native language book version.

  11. Wow! I was just confused at the Beatty of you and I was really unable to focus on lessons being given in this vlog on English.
    Greatly distracted of too beautiful half naked legs and your dazzling face with these killing dimples in your cheeks making you look so damn hot.
    Teacher please I seen student teachers porn and now I believe that how a student get distracted by his own teacher.

  12. Thanks for all the information you offered us in this video, currently read the book of Power of now for writer Eckhart Tol.

  13. Thanks Emma for your sincere effort.

    I recommend to read the seven habits of highly effective people. It suits the intermediate or upper intermediate level. It talks about improving communication skills as well as the ability to solve problems.

  14. You are my favorite teacher in this world 😍😍😍 I hope we can meet togather in the future.. You speak at all levels and anyone can learn a lot from you so that they can speak the language well.. With regards¬ Hayder from Iraq

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