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DJ Maretimo – Lounge Bar New York Vol.2 (Full Album) HD, 2+ Hours Continuous Mix, Lounge Music

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Do you love the smooth sound of the big apple ?

Enjoy …DJ Maretimo – Lounge Bar New York Vol.2 – continuous mix (2+ hours)

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With Musical Regards
Your DJ Michael Maretimo

01. DJ Maretimo feat. Vladi Strecker – the midnight hour
02. Noise Boyz – the first dreamer
03. Vladi Strecker – across the sea
04. Stereo Gringos – mandarinas
05. Cocogroove – martini royale
06. The Man Behind C. – praising the lonely one
07. Jazzy James Jr. – blue chillout notes
08. Jazzy James Jr. – chamonix chalet
09. Bar Blue – it´s a good life
10. Vladi Strecker – smooth chillin´
11. Jazz City – they call you
12. DJ Maretimo feat. Vladi Strecker – together in the rain
13. Kid Coconutz – punch lines
14. Green Lemon – fantastic matinee
15. Noise Boyz – dirty surprize
16. Bar Blue – my way
17. DJ Maretimo – atmosphere lovers
18. DJ Maretimo – cafe internacional
19. Noise Boyz – honeytrap
20. Jazzy James Jr. – jazz dilemma
21. Citrus Jam – lady in mahoon
22. Jazzy James Jr. – retro flow
23. Bar Blue – a turn of tide
24. Citrus Jam – short story
25. Space Tourist – mars mobil

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12 thoughts on “DJ Maretimo – Lounge Bar New York Vol.2 (Full Album) HD, 2+ Hours Continuous Mix, Lounge Music

  1. What a excellent composition! Very catchy. The difficulty is going to be getting it out of my head so I can work on some of my own music. Wonderful work! 💟💛💓🖖🎸🙏💛⭐️

  2. Wow! Really superb! I am always amazed at how great your posts are! Feeling like it is time to get to work on my own channel as well. 🙏❤️💔💗💗💝

  3. I’ve got to say, you are very talented. Keep up all the amazing work. I need to get my butt in gear and get out some more songs! 💗💖😍♥️💝❤️

  4. Wow what a smashing video! As well I wanted to mention, a very dear friend of mine has a page here on Youtube, (Andrew Burns Music) and was having a hard time to find new subscribers. I see that he has been working a lot on his channel, and I feel that there are several of his tunes that are really similar to the music that you have on this channel, so I thought it would be nice of me to show him a little support. If you enjoy all the wonderful music on this channel, I am positive that you will enjoy his music also! 🎵

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